Oak Harbor, Washington Speed Traps

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SE Midway Blvd & E Whidbey Ave Intersection

Oak Harbor, WashingtonAug 24, 20110 Comments

Two schools on each side with ONE Motorbike Cop always on Patrol. You will be pulled over for 1 MPH over, incomplete stop, and not using your turn signal. It is summer vacation and the 20 MPH school zone is not enforced. Four people pulled over in a 5 week period by the same Motorbike Cop. He probably hides good so don’t even risk 1 MPH over because he will get you. An approximate time frame is 0900 to 1100 and 1300 to 1600. Good luck avoiding your ticket in the booming City of Oak Harbor which is sustained only by the Armed Forces, Retired and Active.

S.R. 20 near Deception Pass State Park Entrance

Oak Harbor, WashingtonFeb 19, 20110 Comments

On S.R. 20 Northbound the speed limit drops from 50 to 40 as you approach the entrance to Deception Pass State Park. On S.R. 20 Southbound the speed limit remains 40 as you approach the park but it is down a large hill coming from the Deception Pass Bridge. WSP frequently sits at the gas station or the Park Ranger Office on the East side of the road to catch motorists that are either going too fast down the hill or that didn’t slow down for the speed limit change.

HWY 20 north of Oak Harbor

Oak Harbor, WashingtonJul 05, 20100 Comments

This is definitely a money maker for the state and county. Northbound HWY 20 just past Monkey Hill Road lies a passing lane, the only problem is as soon as you enter the passing zone the speed limit drops from 55 to 50 miles per hour. I ask why would the state go to the expense of widening the road for a passing lane only to reduce the speed limit if not to create a money making speed trap?

West Beach Road

Oak Harbor, WashingtonMar 30, 20100 Comments

There are two areas where police watch for speeders near West Beach road. One is near the lower group of beach homes where the seed limit is 40 miles per hour. The other is east of there towards the golf course. I know for a fact because I have been pulled over twice.

Regatta Dr.

Oak Harbor, WashingtonFeb 17, 20100 Comments

When you turn left from Crescent Harbor Road onto Regatta Dr., the speed limit on Regatta is 30 mph. However, you initially go through a stretch of several hundred yards where there are woods on both sides and it feels like it should be a faster speed limit.

Police like to sit, partially concealed, at the end of the wooded stretch and catch people coming through the wooded area at speeds above 30 mph.

This makes a certain amount of sense because there is an elementary school just beyond this area.

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