Olympia, Washington Speed Traps

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Bottom of Mud Bay Hill

Olympia, WashingtonOct 14, 20150 Comments

Cop sits on the shoulder on the right at the bottom of the hill, my friend says that the person in front of him got pulled over.

Eastside Drive SE at Wheeler Ave SE

Olympia, WashingtonJan 08, 20150 Comments

Eastside Drive appears to be a major road where you would typically expect a 35 mph speed limit; however most of it is just 25 mph. If you are leaving downtown on Eastside Dr. around Union and going south, after crossing over I-5 there is a bike trail rest area on the left at Wheeler Ave SE. The police park in the rest area to catch those driving over 25 mph. Once you get to Boulevard and turn onto Boulevard, speeds are back to 35 mph.

I-5 South bound at Pacific Ave on ramp mile marker 107

Olympia, WashingtonSep 24, 20140 Comments

When taveling south bound on I-5, the interstate bends to the right after the Pacific ave exit ramp. Just beyond that inside of the on ramp a Washinton State Patrol motorcycle hides with his radar gun pointed at you. Use the center or left lanes as a shield so that other traffic can protect you.

North on Capitol Way

Olympia, WashingtonJun 15, 20140 Comments

Exiting Hwy 5 you are at the corner of Capitol Way facing the Capitol building. A right turn places you on Capitol Way heading North. There is no speed limit sign posted on this section of the road and a Sate trooper issued a ticket of 40 mph in a 25mph zone. The opposite side of the road has a speed limit sign posted at 25 mph.

Intersection of Harrison Ave and Division St in west Olympia

Olympia, WashingtonFeb 27, 20130 Comments

I work within eye/earshot of this intersection. Every few months (more frequently in the summer months), Oly PD stakes this intersection with motorcycle cops. I’m not sure exactly what they are nailing people for, but when they are out I hear those unique bike sirens several times an hour until about noon. Watch yourself in this area!

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