Raymond, Washington Speed Traps

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Southbound Hwy 101, entering Raymond, WA

Raymond, WashingtonMay 25, 20170 Comments

Classic white-bread hick town in nowhere Washington. Got dinged going 40 in a 35 mph zone en route to Cape Disappointment with my wife and 12 month-old girl. Speed limit quickly dropped from 50 to 35. I wouldn’t be surprised if >50% of this useless town’s budget comes from these “traffic violations.”

Entering town 50 t0 35mph

Raymond, WashingtonAug 09, 20160 Comments

right where speed changes and you can be going the speed limit like i was and they will still site you. i argued and fought ticket to no avail.

Raymond wa

Raymond, WashingtonAug 05, 20140 Comments

this notorious backward town should add a rusted metal cop handing out a ticket to its bad hillbilly art that spots the town….yes, the bridge out of town looks like a freeway overpass with a median and separated sidewalks and is posted 35. I got a ticket for 40 that cost $120.00. I appealed and included that the cop followed me and three other cars for over 3/4 of a mile, asserted that I was as doing the 35 speed limit but that I was doing over 40 (no radar gun) when I went over the bridge. I was turned down…with the explanation that I pleaded no contest so I have to pay.

Headed out of town on 101

Raymond, WashingtonJul 23, 20140 Comments

Left Mcdonalds headed toward Astoria. Thought was back on highway but was still in 40 zone though after pulling out of Mcdonalds there was no 40 sign. Got me at 52 in 40 and cut it to 50. I thought my excuse about being unfamiliar with town would work. nope.

Highway 101, Milepost 65

Raymond, WashingtonJul 12, 20120 Comments

July 3, 2012: Heading southbound on 101 through a flat area with a few houses and side roads about mile post 65…caught going 67 in a 55, but gave me a break and issued it for 65 mph. Still cost $113 and no ability to mail in a explanation to mitigate the cost. I’d usually stop in South Bend or Raymond for gas or lunch or dinner or to get some oysters on my way to/from Long Beach, but never again.

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