Basin, Wyoming Speed Traps

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Just inside the city limit north end of town

Basin, WyomingJan 29, 20150 Comments

Squad car will sit off road on the East side of the highway on the north end of town back towards the trees in with more stationary parked trailers and city equipment

Any place on the highway through town

Basin, WyomingFeb 20, 20110 Comments

Local LE does his part in Basin having the biggest and best 4th of July fireworks in WY! The event is funded by revenue from traffic citations, mainly speeding! (and the locals are propud to boast of this fact) Beware motorists! If you travel thorugh this town the short wearing, Blue Dodge truck driving will certainly be on the raods looking for you to edge over the posted speeds. usually at either end of town where the spped limit changes.

At the 40 MPH sign on the west end of town

Basin, WyomingAug 27, 20100 Comments

Cop sits just east of the 40 MPH sign where it is still 30 MPH speed limit. As the driver speeds up to 40 MPH from 30 MPH when he sees he is leaving town, the driver is clocked at the speed as he exceeds 30 MPH.

State Highways thru Basin Wyoming

Basin, WyomingJan 18, 20080 Comments

Basin is and always has been a place for local law enforcement to prove their power. Law enforcement is famous for hiding at the edges of town and looking for out out of state and out of county plates. The local paper prints the offenders weekly and lists where they are from. Very rarely do you see a local driver listed.


4th Street near 4th & B Street

Basin, WyomingOct 15, 20040 Comments

Highway and local cops hide behind a large steel garage for buses at the intersection waiting for speeders

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