Basin, Wyoming Speed Traps

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Bighorn County

Basin, WyomingSep 06, 20190 Comments

We were driving in Bighorn county, Wyoming. My sons and my wife were suddenly overcome with an extremely urgent need to use a toilet. There were no rest areas or gas stations along the way for so long, and my wife and sons asked me to hurry up because they were in pain they could not hold it anymore, so admittedly I was going five miles over the speed limit on the open road. Couple of miles ahead, we arrived at a town and once I reduced my speed to below the speed limit, and then I passed by the officer who was park on the shoulder, and he pulled me over. He followed us to the gas station and my oldest son and wife ran to the restrooms. My youngest son couldn’t go because the officer didn’t allow him. I’m sure that if my wife and my older son not ran off before the officer approached out vehicle, he would have prevented them from going as well. My wife returned, she asked, and then begged the officer to allow my youngest son to use the bathroom before he had an accident, but he refused and made him painfully hold it for a while despite the fact that they told him he was about to have an accident. He said he had to wait until “we’re done with this whole deal.” He told us that we were over the speed limit in a work zone even when he wasn’t there (that was a way back from where he was positioned). I do not was speeding in the work zone and definitely was not by the time he came into my line of sight. I do not understand how he supposedly clocked us at 72mph. He claimed we were speeding over here, speeding over there, speeding through the construction zone like if he had been tracking us or something for a while, but it was not the case. Not only were his claims bogus, he was way too far from where he claimed he first saw us for him to have even seen us. It’s just literally not possible. When we disputed his claims, he only interrupted us. “Stop. Just stop,” he said. He did not show us a radar gun that clocked us or any other proof of what he was saying, but he also did not give us the chance to speak and ask to see the radar gun. He was pulled over on the side of the road, we passed him, then he pulled out after us, yet he insisted that he had seen us speeding miles ago. We watched him pull out of where he was stopped, and we were going the same speed as the semi truck in front of us. It’s obviously not true. He said we should’ve pulled over and just done it on the side of the road. My wife is a lady and there was no cover anywhere for her or them to pull their pants down next to the passing vehicles. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to do that on the side of the highway. When he was done with us, he reposition himself in the spot where he was before and then immediately pull over the first vehicle that passed him exactly where we were. It seemed like he was just choosing prey and we were unlucky enough to have been his pick as was that next driver.

Just inside the city limit north end of town

Basin, WyomingJan 29, 20150 Comments

Squad car will sit off road on the East side of the highway on the north end of town back towards the trees in with more stationary parked trailers and city equipment

Any place on the highway through town

Basin, WyomingFeb 20, 20111 Comments

Local LE does his part in Basin having the biggest and best 4th of July fireworks in WY! The event is funded by revenue from traffic citations, mainly speeding! (and the locals are propud to boast of this fact) Beware motorists! If you travel thorugh this town the short wearing, Blue Dodge truck driving will certainly be on the raods looking for you to edge over the posted speeds. usually at either end of town where the spped limit changes.

At the 40 MPH sign on the west end of town

Basin, WyomingAug 27, 20100 Comments

Cop sits just east of the 40 MPH sign where it is still 30 MPH speed limit. As the driver speeds up to 40 MPH from 30 MPH when he sees he is leaving town, the driver is clocked at the speed as he exceeds 30 MPH.

State Highways thru Basin Wyoming

Basin, WyomingJan 18, 20080 Comments

Basin is and always has been a place for local law enforcement to prove their power. Law enforcement is famous for hiding at the edges of town and looking for out out of state and out of county plates. The local paper prints the offenders weekly and lists where they are from. Very rarely do you see a local driver listed.


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