El Mirage, Arizona Speed Traps

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11800 W. Thompson Ranch Rd. East of Grand Ave

El Mirage, ArizonaJan 07, 20190 Comments

70 foot wide roadway; 2 15 foot traffic lanes in each direction separated by a 15 foot turning lane. Road is perfectly straight and smooth, asphalt paved for 9 tenths of a mile traveling west, prior to the reduced speed and camera enforced zone. This roadway has an artificially low speed limit of 35 mph; recently lowered from 40 mph, to comply with State Law. Any one with any traffic enforcement or traffic engineering experience would agree that the speed limit should be at the very least 45 mph. This no more or no less an attempt by a government to raise revenue, and has nothing whatsoever to do with safety.

Primrose St. & Grand Ave (West bound)

El Mirage, ArizonaMar 22, 20131 Comments

Photo (video) camera on West Bound Grand Ave. (Hwy 60). Traffic runs over you if you do the posted 45 mph! They drive 55 and better all the time! I was find $232 for doing 56 mph. I watched the video and I had 4 cars on my tail and 2 in front going the same pace. I went to traffic school to keep it off my record as I have had any type of citation in 20 years!

Peoria between El Mirage & Litchfield Rd

El Mirage, ArizonaDec 10, 20120 Comments

Mobile speed trap. One very small sign advising of the speed control camera ahead not easily noticeable at night unless you are looking for it. Set to catch speeders at >45 mph in a 40 mph zone. No justification for the slow speed in my opinion. Housing is >100 ft from the road, no school zone, rural area.

Primrose Street

El Mirage, ArizonaSep 02, 20113 Comments

Photo radar speed and red light camera at Primrose Street and Grand Avenue. Speed limit 45 mph

Greenway Rd between Dysart Rd & Grand Ave

El Mirage, ArizonaMar 28, 20110 Comments

30 mph on a four lane street. Usually a photo van about 1/4 mile east of Dysart Rd. Most four-lane streets are 35 mph or higher.

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