Marana, Arizona Speed Traps

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Shannon Rd. north of Ina Rd.

Marana, ArizonaAug 20, 20130 Comments

This area of Shannon road can be approached either from turning north off of Ina or continuing northbound on Shannon from Orange Grove Rd. in Marana. Each direction starts as a 45 mph zone at the top of the hill and turns into 35 mph as you go down the hill. There is only one through street along this section which is at the bottom of the hill. The sheriff department officers sit on this road (which also happens to be directly opposite a sheriff station behind the local library). Although I had seen them there before, I was caught one day by an officer sitting behind a tree at the bottom of the hill. I was caught off guard, thinking I was only speeding about 4 mph over until the officer told me that the limit was 35, not 45mph. He didn’t even check my insurance or registration as he handed my ready made ticket with all info about the area printed by computer and my personal info handwritten. When I checked the area later I counted only 1 sign showing the mph change from 45 down to 35 before I was pulled over. Pretty good setup for them, if not lazy!

Cortaro Farms Road and N Hartman Road

Marana, ArizonaSep 30, 20110 Comments

Pima County Sheriff’s frequent this area , a sewage pumping facility, adjacent to the Desert Son Community Church Typically, a pair of motorcycle officers. Years ago, the section of Cortaro Farms Road from Camino de Oeste to the I-10 Freeway was upgraded from a 45 mph two lane country road to a four lane divided highway and the speed limit dropped to 40 mph. Cortaro Farms road starts downhill at Camino de Oeste and continues the drop until N Hartman Road. The motorcycle officers will sit in a driveway for the sewage pumping facility and “paint” vehicles headed downhill. If I hit the top of the hill at 40 mph and coast down the hill without braking, I will hit approx 47 mph by the time I reach their location. There are additional locations they use, but that is the most frequent. On occasion, they may have a PCSO car or two assisting.

Cortaro rd. between Old Father and Inst 10

Marana, ArizonaFeb 26, 20110 Comments

hide out at various side streets on Cortaro ,or just over the hill ,where you can’t see them until it’s too late.

Twin Peaks Rd. just west of I-10

Marana, ArizonaFeb 24, 20110 Comments

Speed limit on Twin Peaks Rd. is 45 mph at interchange but just as you cross the bridge heading west it suddenly drops to 35 mph and remains at that limit until reaching Silverbell Rd. When the new interchange was just opened the Marana police were operating a speed trap just as you entered the Continental Ranch subdivision but now the speed limit signs have been moved back to the west end of the bridge across the Santa Cruz River. The speed limit on Silverbell Rd which runs north and south through the Continental Ranch subdivision is 45 mph but the speed limit on the new Twin Peaks Rd. is only 35 mph. This lower speed limit seems wrong for safe traffic flow on this new 4 lane boulevard which is similar to Silverbell Rd.


Marana, ArizonaApr 08, 20100 Comments


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