Gould, Arkansas Speed Traps

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In the city limits (mayby 4 blocks…)

Gould, ArkansasJul 24, 20190 Comments

Small, almost dead old town in central Arkansas. 45MPH Highway speed sign (state) with extremely close, dinky 45MPH city speed sign. Have to break, not coast to decrease speed. BEWARE. It’s a sure fire trap. Avoid and save your money, or risk paying salaries of both city officials…

US Highway 114 N/S near about 2/10mi. past the post office on the right in the cotton plant parking lot

Gould, ArkansasJan 17, 20050 Comments

I was pulled over in Gould by one of the officer’s in the "TOWN" of Gould and I haven’t had a ticket in nearly 3yrs. I also, work for the state and wear a blue uniform as well but the "officer" had no problem writing me a ticket on hwy 114 on my way home after working 12hrs. He pulled me over in a 45mph zone but said I was in a 35mph zone. If you have ever been on hwy114 going to Star City you know that the speed limit is only 35 when you are in front of the post office area and then about a tenth of a mile down the road the speed limit jumps to 45mph. And once again to a 55mph zone. I was in the 45mph zone but was wrote up for 54 in a 35.

US Highway 65

Gould, ArkansasMay 24, 20040 Comments

The speed limit drops from 55 to 40 within a short distance. Police car usually sits under a tree on the east side as you come around a curve. Wrote me up for 53 in a 40, but I was not going anywhere near that fast. I never had a ticket before and the officer was unsympathetic. Beware this town and many others along US65 in Arkansas and Louisiana.

Highway 65 from Dumas to Grady

Gould, ArkansasNov 01, 20010 Comments

The cities of Grady and Gould(pop. 2,500 between the two) are #1 and #2 in police revenue in the state percentage wise. Thats all there is to say! I have family that live in that area and they can attest to this speed trap zone.

Highway 65

Gould, ArkansasSep 01, 20000 Comments

We was pulled over with our camper. Was told we was going 70, had cruise on 68. Office said speed was 55, we hadn’t seen a speed sign for a really long time. Was just going with most of the other cars, except the ones passing us. Just as we meant him a white Ark. car went around us. In fact when he made the U turn the white car pulled over thinking it was him, but he went past him to get us with our IA plates. To far to go back and fight this, of course they know this. The cost is double what it is here in IA. He was only after speed, he checked my husband had his seatbelt on, he didn’t (medical excuse). Then he told us it was 55 till you hit a streach of 4 lane then it will be 65. Wrong it was 60, so he didn’t even know what it would be.

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