Marvell, Arkansas Speed Traps

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Hwy 49 North

Marvell, ArkansasAug 17, 20141 Comments

Heading back to Benton, AR from Tunica. About a mile before speed returns to 60mph we saw a police car come out from a dollar general store and turn on the blue lights. We were exceeding the 45 mph speed limit. We were going about 60-65 The officer claimed he clocked us at 73 and when he returned with the citation, claimed 72. There was no way we were going that fast but we kept our mouths shut. We chose this route because of the I-40 construction, but now I don’t know which is worse.

Hwy 49 at the city limits

Marvell, ArkansasFeb 25, 20141 Comments

I knew about Marvel and the speed trap so I was going LESS than 45 mph through the town after making sure I slowed down as soon as I saw the new 45 mph speed limit sign. As soon as I left town the road was 5 lanes, no signs of any businesses or houses and I began to speed back up. It was dark, 8:30 p.m. on a weekday, and sure enough, the blue lights flip on. I immediately pulled over to the side of road and waited. I tell the officer that I was going BELOW the speed limit through the town and could not have been speeding because I had just begun to speed up and he informs me that 1) yes, he saw the radar going up 54, 55, 56 and 57 and 2) that there is NO buffer zone…it goes from 45 to 60 mph an 3) when I asked where it switched to 60 mph, it was BEHIND me despite pulling over immediately. He issued the ticket but of course waited until I got closer to the 60 mile per hour so he could get me at the 12 mph over the limit. I am LIVID! I was driving the speed limit for the entire trip, had license and registration and was buckled up. This has got to be stopped somehow. If they were truly concerned about speeding through the town, why are they sitting where they clock people who are LEAVING???

Highway 49 Eastbound.Coming in from Little Rock

Marvell, ArkansasJan 15, 20110 Comments

Outskirts of Marvell township,eastbound just as you enter city limits a police car is stopped in the road westbound almost parallel with the fairgrounds.Notices you no matter what kind of vehicle you are driving.Lets you pass. Probably 2 min later the police car blasts by you,lights on.Goes past convenience stores and pulls over in the community center parking lot.I don’t know exactly what the speed limit is but you will be speeding ,or if driving under the speed limit,hazardous or reckless driving.As you pass the parked police car,it pulls in behind you and you might get 1/4 mile before being pulled over.The usually very overweight policeman asks you the loaded question did you know you were speeding ? Doesn’t matter what you say the ticket is forthcoming .The town has no other means of support.Most industry has long since gone.Best thing to do is go through Forrest city and skip Marvell al together.

On east side of town on Hwy 49

Marvell, ArkansasOct 09, 20100 Comments

Someone else posted Sept. 2002 and it happened to me Oct. 2010.

Sitting at the community center just east of town, this is where the trap is located. The real kicker is they will stop you for speeding but then they will issue you a ticket for Hazzardous Driving. They claim they’re doing you a favor.

There is one sign that changes the speed limit down from 55 to 45. I missed it, and was doing 57. However I must say the policeman was very polite, as he gave me my ticket.

Hwy 49

Marvell, ArkansasJul 21, 20101 Comments

Just pulled away from a complete stop and went about 2/10ths of a mile with a older truck right next to me and the police chief pulled me over and told me I was going 60 in a 45.( I could not have been going that fast I did not have time to gain that much speed. I tried to tell him that but he just asked for and took my license and came back handed me a ticket and walked back to his car and drove away. Not ever letting me talk.
Because I was on my job I have now been suspended and found guilty of something I did not do. Something needs to be done about this town. I called a number of people trying to find if they were breaking the Ar Speed trap law Code 12-8-402(1) they have to make under 30% of their budget from tickets.
So far no one will give me this info.

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