Vancouver, British Columbia Speed Traps

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West bound Third and Queensburry

Vancouver, British ColumbiaJun 03, 20020 Comments

You have just came of main street and are heading up the third st hill. It’s long and easy to be going faster then you think. They getcha right at the top cause your blind to the crest of the hill. Always a big line of people pulled over. Ive heard them cheer when they get someone..

Stanley Park Radar Tree just before third beach concession

Vancouver, British ColumbiaOct 01, 20010 Comments

I overheard the officer decribe the area as "The Radar Tree" prompting me to believe this is a regular tag spot. He was typical picking me out of a group of 4. Did I mention I ride a motor cycle?? Anyhow don’t let them get you here. It’s an unreasonable 30 km and hour.

McGill Street between Nanaimo and Renfrew – this road leads to and from 2nd Narrows Bridge

Vancouver, British ColumbiaJan 01, 20010 Comments

Photo Radar Vans are setup in both eastbound and westbound directions along McGill Street, between Nanaimo and Renfrew streets. Residences line this street on both sides and consequently there are many civillian minivans parked there. Sometimes, you will see cones around the photo radar vans. This is a main street which offers access to the 2nd Narrows Bridge(which is very busy) and they love to nail people trying to get to work. I have found that the Valentine One(2000model year) will pick up the Vans one block ahead of you with a strong Ka band alert. On my 1998 model year uniden, it only goes off AFTER you’ve passed the van and generates a very weak Ka band reading(and it’s too late at that point).

highway #1 2nd Narrows Bridge Mcgill St exit Southbound into vancouver

Vancouver, British ColumbiaJan 01, 20010 Comments

Officer with gun hides in bushes along side exit to McGill street and ticketing officers wait two blocks away. No escape once you take the exit. Sometimes if you watch the exit while still on the bridge, you can see the cop cars waiting around the bend of the exit.

Granville Street and West 7th Avenue

Vancouver, British ColumbiaOct 01, 20000 Comments

Officers park their cruisers out of site on West 7th Avenue and set up a tripod on the corner of the intersection to catch the southbound traffic speeding off of the Granville Street Bridge. Best way to avoid this is to take the Fir Street off ramp from the bridge and cut back to Granville Street at West 16th Avenue.

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