Corning, California Speed Traps

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J Street near Interstate 5

Corning, CaliforniaFeb 25, 20090 Comments

J Street is the section of road between I-5 and HWY 99E going east and west. Since a new Casino opened in Corning the traffic on this road has increased from Chico,Paradise and Oroville. 55mph is posted lightly with 9 miles in between. It is as wide as HWY99 that has a 65MPH. Most people who drive here drive 65 to 70 MPH; many who do not see signs assume speed is same as HWY99. If CHP needs to make a quota this is where they go.

Solano Avenue near Hoag Avenue

Corning, CaliforniaOct 03, 20071 Comments

If you exit at the Corning exit and turn left over freeway towards the City of Corning the street you’ll be on is Solano Ave.
The speed limit is 25mph and SolanoAve goes right through the middle of town.
At approximately 10:45 a.m. each day a black & white patrol car will be parked on the south side of the Hoag Ave intersection with Solano, radar in hand.
You cannot see the patrol car when you approach because of a curve on Solano Ave before the Hoag Ave intersection.

Solano Avenue near Interstate 5

Corning, CaliforniaSep 20, 20070 Comments

After exiting Hwy 5 South at Corning Road sign, and turning left over freeway your heading into the city of Corning and your on Solano St..
Solano St goes right through town where the speed limit is a posted 25mph.
I travel Solano St.just about every day and as sure as clockwork there will be a marked police car parked on the south side of Hoag St at the intersection of Solano St.
Really ironic because the Court is on the north side of Hoag st about a block down from Solano.
Just about every day at approximately 10:30 til 10:45 a.m. this police car will pull up park just waiting for people coming from the direction of the freeway.
It’s very easy to get caught if your over 25mph because Solano St has a slight bend before you come to Hoag and you can’t see the car until he saw you first.
Some towns like Corning Ca. don’t want people speeding through town after coming off the freeway, but 25mph is quite a slow surprise speed without any wanring of a "reduce speed to 25mph ahead".

State Highway 99 Business near South Avenue

Corning, CaliforniaJul 17, 20070 Comments

Corning Officer hides between rental trucks at Linnets Tire Company with radar/laser gun. Speed changes in one mile between Solano Ave and South Ave from 25 mph to 35 mph to 45 mph to 35 mph to 25 mph with no real change in condition of road except at ends of road which are business and 25 mph is understandable. Tickets are given in transition from 45 mph to 35 mph.

Corning Road near Overpass

Corning, CaliforniaApr 11, 20070 Comments

Heading east over the I-5 overpass you will encounter a Corning Police officer hiding off of the road on the right side of Corning Road (across from Bartel’s). Their main target is nailing people heading into town where the speed limit goes from 55 to 35 a mile or so out. It’s hard to keep your speed at 35 in that area as you approach the overpass.

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