Lyons, Colorado Speed Traps

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Just as you leave Lyons, and you have out of state Tags.

Lyons, ColoradoMay 30, 20190 Comments

I do not have the exact address because my daughter got the ticket on her way to Denver to fly home. When she realized she could not pay it on line according to the blue ticket, she asked me to mail it for her as she was at her new job in California. I called for days till I finally got thru, who did allow me to pay it online with an additional $30.00 dollar charge as it was now late, since they did not return my call on Friday and they were not open on Monday (Memorial Day). What a speed trap!!! Does anyone know what would happen if you did not pay the ticket?

Leaving Lyons, heading towards Estes Park on Highway 7.

Lyons, ColoradoMay 17, 20180 Comments

At the end of Main Street in Lyons, where 66 intersects with highways 7 and 36. I turned left onto highway 7, crossed a bridge about 150 yards from the stop sign I’d just left, and had an officer turn on his lights to pull me over. The officer said he had me clocked at 48 mph in a 25 mph zone. No way I was at that speed when I reached that bridge and I said that to the officer. I also mentioned that I didn’t know the speed limit was 25 mph in that area. There’s no sidewalks, schools or businesses in the area. The officer said there were 2 signs noting the speed limit.
I later returned to Lyons to verify that, and there is a 25 mph sign at the intersection of 66, 7 and 36. As you head further South on 7, there is a second 25 mph sign, but it’s hidden by trees until you are across the bridge. By that time, the officer already had his lights on , pulling me over.
The officer was parked at Prospect street, monitoring traffic heading out of town. He was roughly 50 yards from where the speed limit increases as you leave town.
I was issued a citation for driving 48 mph in a 25 mph. This citation would have resulted in 6 points being added to my license and a $180 fine. I had out of state plates and an out of state drivers license. The officer told me “since you’re from out of town, you probably can’t attend the court date. The instructions for mailing in the fine are on the back of the ticket”. Obviously the officer looked at an out of state driver as an easy target who wouldn’t challenge the citation.
This is all about generating revenue for the town of Lyons. Lyons doesn’t have its own police force and contracts with the county of Boulder for its law enforcement.
It appears that the Boulder County officers are trying to generate as much revenue as possible through citations, to show the town of Lyons that they are profiting from this relationship.

Main St Eastbound and 2nd Avenue

Lyons, ColoradoSep 23, 20143 Comments

As you leave downtown Lyons on Main Street going east, you round a 45 degree bend at about 3rd Street and head out of town. Ahead you will see a 40 mph speed limit sign, so you speed up. A Boulder Sheriff hangs out behind a bunch of construction signs on the right side of the road and nabs motorists who see the 40 mph sign and speed up. He tags people about 50 feet before they pass the sign.

5th Ave Headed S on Hwy 7

Lyons, ColoradoJun 09, 20140 Comments

We were leaving Lyons headed into the mountains S. on Hwy7. Since the speed increased heading out of town we increased speed. We were already out of town when a deputy lit us up. He was parked on Meily street. Curiously there is a pull off right there where he stopped us. Almost like it was designed for that or just worn down from so many stops. The ticket was about $170. We had Texas plates at the time. Weeks later we drove back through except we were in a different car but with Texas plates. He was immediately on our bumper. He followed us close for several miles until I got fed up and pulled off. As others have said. Avoid Lyons. Take another route.

Lyons, Co.

Lyons, ColoradoSep 15, 20130 Comments

Right when you come out of the town which is 25 miles per hour, going up to Peaceful Valley, you get nabbed. This is totally a speed trap. What’s worse when I got there to my destination for a wedding, I found out that the Pastors wife also got a ticket about half hour after me, by the same Boulder Officer. How ironic. Same spot and same amount $120. This infuriated me totally. The Officer when I was speaking to him appeared to be very cocky and bragged how many people he catches each day. At least 10-15 per day. He stated he was going to give me a break and I asked what kind and of course he was smug and stated "Lady, I am giving you a break." I waited and when he came back he handed me the ticket. I never have received a ticket in all the years I have been driving, in fact I have commendations for being a good driver. I am also 63 years old. This definitely is a speed trap. I also went on Monday to the Clerks office and inquired how this is acceptable by Lyons Township. The Clerk who I spoke to was very polite and gave me phone numbers of the Sheriff, who is located next door. I asked her for an explanation as to how this town feels regarding this Speed trap and I also asked her who was responsible for allowing this. The answer is the Counsel members of Lyons. This is mainly for revenue. How can anyone fight this, especially when one is out of town. I would have fought this tooth and nail if I was not from out of town. This is so wrong I can’t even begin to describe it. But what is so wonderful is that we have the internet and we all can learn from this. The best way to punish this town is not spend a dime. Don’t go to the Restaurants, Gift Stores or anything else that might give them money. Go slow and remember there is a Speed trap in Lyons, Co., but do not stop and give them One Dollar. They need to feel that when visitors come thru that they need to be a friendly town to generate the right kind of Revenue, not leave a bad taste for out of town visitors. The prudent solution for Lyons Commity members is that they should look at the Reputation that they are building. It’s all over the Internet. I would have spend time and money in Lyons and perhaps more then $120, but as we all know Lyons is a greedy little town and makes it impossible to want to even go near it. Perhaps that is what they want. So, my friends, the best way to remedy this cold town is not go thru it but find another way. Shame on Lyons, for they are the most unfair and unfriendly town. Let’s hope this Blog, catches the Mayors attention and He/She realizes this is not a good way to treat Visitors.

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