Milford, Delaware Speed Traps

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Route 1 – Argo’s Corner

Milford, DelawareMay 06, 20110 Comments

As you enter the first "curve" at Argo’s Corner on Rt 1 going southbound there is an intersection (Rd 224). Going past this intersection you will then be entering another slight curve (near Slaughter Neck Cemetery). Delaware State Police have recently been sitting on a dirt road/driveway clocking cars headed south towards Milton. It is VERY hard to see the SP car and by the time you do see him, it’s too late.

US Highway Right by the Burger King on the main drive near State Highway Route 1 Off-ramp heading into Milford

Milford, DelawareSep 21, 20082 Comments

The state cop sits in the area of the Burger King found on the main road right at the end of the Off-Ramp, which has a rediculously low 35 MPH speed limit (for about 300 feet)as you leave the 55 MPH limit on Route 1 and merge onto the 45 MPH limit through town. He sits there tagging people as they come down the ramp into town. He ESPECIALLY likes to tag state-owned and business-owned vehicles.

State Highway 1 near State Highway 36

Milford, DelawareMar 30, 20070 Comments

Cops have their "guns" on top of the Rt. 36 overpass over Rt.1 pointed at all southbound traffic during the weekends. It’s a pretty heavy speedtrap just because it’s a 55mph road where people constantly go 80-90 on. I would definitely slow down in this area just to avoid the cop nuisance. During the week, aircraft have been known to get speeders, but that’s on rare occasions because DSP only has 1 helicopter equipped for it.

State Route 1

Milford, DelawareMar 12, 20070 Comments

Just after entering Sussex County on southbound Route 1 on right side a state trooper sits just waiting. In the summertime it’s not unusual to see him on a motorcycle.
Beware, because he’s difficult to see until you’re just on top of him!

US Highway 113 South and North near South City Limit Sign

Milford, DelawareMar 16, 20060 Comments

Milford City Police Park in the Median, among the Shrubry at the south city limit Sign. They are very difficult to see. Due to the overgrowth of the shrubry. They "shoot north and southbound traffic from this location.

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