Lawtey, Florida Speed Traps

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Lawtey Fl On 301 between Cty rd 125 and 225.

Lawtey, FloridaJul 20, 20122 Comments

On the west side of the road is where they hide nx to the school – I live out there – very bad place to be. They make their money by taken advantage of people. Can not trust the the local police at all. Most officers patrolling grew up in Lawtey/Starke area. Very small town with the 2nd to last in the school system for high schools (in Florida) – Drive below speed limit and do stop at any of the stores. Lots of unmarked -They also go out of their way for seatbelt checks and full stop sign stops. The Subway is even owned by the police.
Been in many cities in Florida for all my life – Lawtey is by far the worst . This city will never grow

Lawtey, FL, US 301 School Zone

Lawtey, FloridaFeb 01, 20120 Comments

I was traveling through Lawtey on Christmas morning when the car in front of me was pulled over in the school zone. We were both going about 30 mph and of course there was no school that day.

301 going thru Lawtey

Lawtey, FloridaDec 06, 20112 Comments

My husband and I were caravaning through Lawtey, FL from Charleston, SC to southern Florida. He was pulling our fifth wheel with a truck and I was following him and pulling a trailer with our SUV. We were doing the speed limit and braking to accomodate the suddenly changing lower speed signs. Anyone who has pulled a fifth wheel through traffic knows you don’t pick up much speed between all those red lights and heavy stop-and-go traffic.
When we slowed from the 45 mph sign to the 35 mph sign, I took note of three things. My speedometer, my gps speed and a cop parked up a side street as I went by. I thought, "I’m okay. My speed on both devices was 38 mph". I was shocked to notice the same cop behind me with lights blaring to pull me over. He said I was doing 57 in a 45. Now, I don’t want to call anyone a liar but he was definitely mistaking. I told him about following my husband and our SLOW moving fifth wheel in "all this traffic", and that I truly believed he was wrong. He told me not to argue with him. Then I told him about the speed reading on both of my devices and he told me I couldn’t count on the accuracy of a gps, which might be true but if it reads the same as my speedometer, I’d say that’s pretty darn accurate. So, I asked him to show me the radar gun and it’s calibration report and he refused and made it plain that I shouldn’t argue with him. I was raised to have respect for the law. I wouldn’t argue with a policeman but it is my right to ask to see those things I asked to see. Right? I have to pay an unwarranted speed ticket because I’m from Colorado and because the cop pretty much told me to shut up and pay up. It’s one thing to set up a speed trap to catch unlawful speeding and quite another to collect your city’s income by falsely ticketing innocent visitors to your city. Shame on the Lawtey P.D.

Hwy 301

Lawtey, FloridaNov 05, 20111 Comments

Carefully driving the speed limit of 35 miles per hour at 7 am before sunrise on a dark four lane highway, and i am pulled over. The Lawtey Police Officer tells me i just drove 35 mph through a school zone. I did not see a flashing light and was fined $391.00. If this is truely an active school zone, and not just a speed trap, then they need to mark it much better for the safety of the children. My ticket was written at 7:05 am. I wonder if the light was flashing when i drove by it.

Lawtey Florida

Lawtey, FloridaMay 11, 20112 Comments

The worlds worst speed trap you can be going a half a mile over the speed limit and get pulled over.

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