Waldo, Florida Speed Traps

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ne hwy 301

Waldo, FloridaMay 30, 20130 Comments

Didn’t vacate left lane when passing cop car
Parked in left turn lane with lites on.
What a scam stay away from Waldo

$124 fine to help support needy in Waldo.

Take I 95 or i 75 avoid the hastle

on SR24 just before getting unto us301

Waldo, FloridaSep 04, 20121 Comments

It is an unmarked school zone where the yellow flashing light is obvious but the school zone markings on the road is not marked or shown by a sighn pointing to it. About 50ft before the white school zone painted on the road is a speed sighn showing 35 mph, then bang, too late, your in the school zone and real light lite up specialy when its dark and your now have a $400.00 ticket and don’t have an idea why. No sighn before hand stating school zone up ahead or showing where the zone starts and they will get hot specialy the sheriff, LOL, when you question him about it. This is a scam and I am looking into it with some officials right now.

17700 block of 301 northbound

Waldo, FloridaJul 19, 20123 Comments

I was traveling 301 northbound watching spoed Limit signs very carefully. Went from 65 to 55 to 45 in a matter of feet. Being prior law enforcement I was very careful about my speed. As I was driving the speed limit increased from 45 to 55 the back to 65. I was already back into the 65, which is a mile or so past the city, when I looked in my rear view and noticed a cruiser flying up behind me. He pulled me over and said he clocked me doing 60 in a 45 when I passed the flea market. I told him I was watching my spoed closely and being prior law enforcement I was being very careful not to speed. He did not want to hear any of it, just asked for my license, no registration or insurance, the came back to the car with a $244.00 ticket. I was extremely mad. There is really no way to fight a speeding ticket, especially from radar. It is little towns like this that will shut because no one will ever want to drive through there, let alone do any business there. Thanks a lot Cpl. Dum Sum of the Waldo Police Department


Waldo, FloridaJun 11, 20123 Comments

Entering from the north, just pass the “Reduce Speed Ahead” sign. I tapped the brake to turn off cruise and began decelerating. Hit 45 MPH sign at about 50. Officer immediately came out from side w/ lights on. Said I was doing 57 which is what I was doing @ first sign. Not interested in auto (rental) info. Made me get out and come to front of his car to give me the ticket and instructions for payment. When I mentioned the incident to locals in Tampa, they were well aware of Waldo and their reputation. What a croc!

US 24 approaching 301

Waldo, FloridaMay 07, 20120 Comments

Same case as other responders-we were approaching 301 from the south on hwy 24-looking at a map to find 301 -stopped for going 27 in a school zone. Never saw the school and never saw the school zone signs. Police have this system dialed in-complete with ticket printer. We told the officer we were not familiar with the city and he didn’t care. There were other cars being pulled over all around us. We knew something wasn’t right and when we returned home I googled AAA and found this quote: "Waldo and Lawty are the only two municipalities in the U.S. recognized as traffic traps. These towns are not designated as "strict enforcement" areas but as speed traps. This distinction comes from exceeding a certain level of its budget funded exclusively by traffic tickets. Well, I guess they won this round, but we will never again travel through Waldo. Hopefully other people reading this will also avoid it. So if the merchants wonder why their city is bypassed they should look to city government for an answer.

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