Waldo, Florida Speed Traps

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The whole town

Waldo, FloridaSep 22, 20170 Comments

Speed changes every other block

Florida town infamous for speed traps disbanding police force

Waldo, FloridaOct 04, 20140 Comments

I grew up in Starke, Fl., another speed trap.
Now if only they’d eliminate the Silver Bullet in Lawtey, Fl.

The Entire Slum of Waldo

Waldo, FloridaSep 19, 20141 Comments

It’s probably still not safe to drive through Waldo but it was revealed the “chief” demanded each officer write one speeding ticket per hour. Law enforcement is now done by the county sheriff’s deputies.

Rt 301 August 2014

Waldo, FloridaAug 30, 20140 Comments

I was returning home on rt 301 to I-75 12:30 AM Speed limits vary
from 45 MPH in short spans,then back to 65 MPH when out of city limits
The road was clear,but the morning mist started settle in, making visibility
very hazy.While driving throught populated areas where lights from stores help me to read Signs with Speed Limits,I was not able to recognize these signs when leaving these zones.The haze was too much.My headlights illuminated only as far as the roads width.I could not read Town markers,
or anything else.Thinking I was out of town, I gradually increased my speed.
from 45 mphThere in the meridian about 100 yards in front of me was a Police car withlights suddenly flashing his lights,signaling me to pull off the road into a grassy section.Wrote me a ticket for $244.How in the world could I see anyting in a pitch black night, no illumination where road signs couldn’t be read.Why would a policeman wait in a darkened vehicle at 12:30 AM on the very edge of town waiting for a someone to prey on, when crime prevention is supposed to be a priority.

Waldo, Starke, & Baldwin, Florida

Waldo, FloridaApr 15, 20142 Comments

Waldo. Starke and Baldwin, Florida are notorious, legendary speed traps. These towns fund their budgets with the ticket pad and show no mercy. These police departments make it up as they go along. Infractions are real or imagined. Avoid these towns at all costs…..burn the gas and take the long way around.

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