Ashburn, Georgia Speed Traps

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Ashburn, GeorgiaJul 26, 20230 Comments

Cruiser on the side of the road and waiting like the other posts on here; drove from CT to FL 1600 miles and this is back to the old 70’s smokey and the bandit movies and corrupted police forces operating revenue generating speed traps and this person fell into it; once bitten twice shy but what a bite $869!! and the super speeder to be added on!!

I-75 South exit 82-84

Ashburn, GeorgiaApr 15, 20190 Comments

Multiple revenue agents On overpasses and the side of the on ramps (cannot call them due to this type of activity not being REAL police work). Tagged me and said I was doing 93 in a 70. When I informed the officer the company limits the speed on all their trucks to 75 mph he laughed. I presented a certified letter from a state trooper and state circuit court judge in my home state yet Ashburn refused to drop the $650 ticket. So I politely informed they I would not pay a dime. They said they would suspend my license. They tried but the state of Tennessee refused to allow that due to them being widely known as a cash grab speed trap.

I-75 North and South

Ashburn, GeorgiaNov 05, 20180 Comments

Multiple vehicles from Ashburn out for a revenue grab. They will write you for 85mph plus to get that $599 fine. When I had my company send in a notarized letter informing them my truck was speed governed to 75mph they still refused to drop it. Starting a class action lawsuit so anyone who wants to be a part of it look for a filing before years end.

I-75 both north and south bound

Ashburn, GeorgiaSep 29, 20162 Comments

Avoid Ashburn GA and Turner County. The Ashburn City Limits has been designed as a speed trap, taking in 5 miles of I-75 in order for their city police to commit highway robbery on the interstate. The Turner County police also operate a 24 X 7 speed trap there both north and south bound. You can see it on the WAZE app on your phone right now. I have been by there twice in the past year and got a ticket each time totaling over $1000. The first was for speeding when I was not, and the second for not moving over while they were giving someone else a ticket, because I was going too slow. They have the left lane essentially closed for arrests and robbery by the police. They also for the driver out of the car onto the shoulder in order to take their picture, endangering their lives. AVOID TURNER COUNTY AT ALL COSTS. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER VISITING OR DOING BUSINESS THERE!!!

75 South near mile marker 82-84

Ashburn, GeorgiaSep 29, 20150 Comments

75 South bound multiple police vehicles spread over about a mile of highway. Go anywhere near 80 and you’ll get a ticket for 85mph in a 70 to take advantage of GA super speeder law maximizing revenue for both the city and the state. It’s GA so they know that nobody will show up for a court date to fight the ticket. Court appearance requirement is 5pm. Clearly Ashburn GA is a tiny town that generates massive revenue from soaking the public.

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