Darien, Georgia Speed Traps

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Mm 48-67 north and south on I-95

Darien, GeorgiaMay 23, 20220 Comments

My wife and 3 children all aged under 8 we’re pulled over by a McIntosh county Georgia sheriff’s deputy and he pulled my wife out of the vehicle and started asking her who the drugs belonged to if they found any and she told them to search it and they put our 3 children out on the side of the interstate and they were all crying and asking why they were doing this any way he ended up giving us a ticket for a car seat because he couldn’t ticket us for anything else and he talked to us like we were scum and neither one of us have any kind of criminal record I didn’t think this kind of thing could happen in today’s world but just drive through McIntosh county Georgia and it will prove otherwise one of the worst experiences of my life with those big trucks blowing by right next to us scaring my kids senseless while these idiots dug through our van pulling my wife’s swim suits out of her bag holding them up and laughing I should have sued their asses off but I didn’t, actually scared to go back to that place.

I-95 McIntosh County GA

Darien, GeorgiaFeb 10, 20221 Comments

McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office is policing for profit. It is NOT about going the speed limit, they pull people over for NOT speeding and LIE.
12/7/21 Driving back to GA from FL, car had FL tags from Palm Beach county, I was in process of moving to Statesboro GA about 40 miles west of Savannah. Deputy H. pulled me over, I was keeping up with traffic and had cruise control on, it was set at 73 in a 70, my Waze was on too and it also stated I was going 73. Dep. H. stated I was going 94 in a 70!! I’m not sure my car can even go 94 MPH and I told him and was assured his radar gun is accurate.
Went to court today, the day printed in ticket and was told it is wrong and should be for March, interesting items noticed at court: Clerk of Court print out for the days Traffic Court was about an inch thick, names printed front and back, about 8 names per side / 16 per page, approximately 2400 people, assuming that does not include people who already paid, but even if it does obscene for a county of 11,000 people. County also has about 10 bail bondsman and as many tow yards…. again 11,000 residents.
POLICING for PROFIT is NOT legal, contact the GA State attorney and the Justice Department (FBI).
Let Savannah news organizations know, they occasionally report on the corruption in McIntosh County / City of Darien.
Definitely boycott county, do NOT buy so much as a bottle of water.

I’d say just watch your speed, but it honestly doesn’t matter.


Darien, GeorgiaJan 27, 20220 Comments

People be careful about what you plead guilty to.
A speeding ticket in Georgia is a MISDEMEANOR, its not like other states where it is only a violation/infraction. Look it up. You folks who are thinking you are doing ok to plead to a reduced speed (like you might do in a normal state) may still be pleading to a criminal Misdemeanor. Be very careful about what you plead to, even if they offer to reduce the speed.
Local Darien cops are all over I-95 all hours of the day and night to make money, will ticket you for anything. Don’t spend any money in that town, don’t buy any gas in that town, they deserve to be boycotted. News articles are on the web about how bad they are.

Mile marker 48- I-95

Darien, GeorgiaDec 10, 20190 Comments

Add us to this illustrious list of out of state motorists who were travelling down I-95 to Florida….. going with the flow of traffic….only to be pulled over by an over aggressive officer, who conveniently was told we were going 85 mph…….the magic number they tell everyone- so they can charge the maximum fine…..for their corrupt town’s coffers. I plan on trying to fight this….someone has to…..but like they say- you can’t fight city hall. Let’s see if the cops, and judges are all corrupt there. I hope I don’t get held in contempt with my remarks when I make my appearance.
Drive around this corrupt town!!!!!!! I wish I had read about speed traps earlier…..maybe this post can help others.

MM 47 I-95 Northbound

Darien, GeorgiaNov 06, 20190 Comments

Driving I-95 northbound with a FL tag taking my grandma up to Savannah on a date. Going with the flow of traffic with the cruise set at 78 in a 70 among a group of Georgia tags. I was pulled over and ticketed for 86mph in a 70. THIS IS A TRAP and certainly find it no act of God that he pulled over the only FL tag in the group of us going 78 not 86 in a 70. Stopped at MM 47 near Darian, GA McIntosh County.

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