Darien, Georgia Speed Traps

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I-95, mile marker 59

Darien, GeorgiaOct 01, 20190 Comments

I was just cited for 87 in a 70 mph zone wile driving through Darien, GA on I-95. After reading other complaints on this website, my experience mirrors theirs. I don’t think there is any way that I was driving 87 mph. Traffic was very dense. I was driving the same speed as everyone else. I just happened to have an out of state license plate.

I was so incredulous that I asked the McIntosh Co. deputy if he was sure he clocked me at that speed (he said “yes”). I then asked him what lane I was in when he clocked me (he said “middle lane”). This makes absolutely no sense.

At this point, I flat out don’t believe him. I’ll go so far as to affirmatively state that I believe he is lying, and that this is a set up.

I-95, MM60 (Northbound)

Darien, GeorgiaJun 20, 20190 Comments

My wife was driving about 75-77 mph following traffic when we spot police truck on the side of the road. We didn’t worry too much as we were in the “10%safe zone”, but slowed down anyway. the officer took off passed bunch of other cars traveling the exact same speed and then turned lights behind our car. Go figure, the rest of the drivers were GA license plates and we were from FL (hard to contest tickets). He told us we were traveling 87mph!!! What?? WTH!

I-95, Mile Marker 53 (Northbound)

Darien, GeorgiaDec 21, 20180 Comments

The McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office are lying and corrupt and they don’t care who knows it. Claimed I was going 85 in a 70 when I was almost 10 MPH below 85 and then had the audacity to give me another ticket for improper lane change. They’re the ones that belong behind bars, not the innocent victims just trying to get from A to B. “Highway robbery” is the perfect term for it.

Never, ever go through McIntosh County. I’ll adjust future trips accordingly: they are bullies and robbers, plain and simple.

All I-95 and I-17 through out Mcintosh County,Georgia

Darien, GeorgiaDec 10, 20180 Comments

Police sit in the articular surface

I-95 — MM 47

Darien, GeorgiaMay 09, 20180 Comments

attempting to avoid a tailgater rear-ending my vehicle, in the middle lane, no less, going maybe 77mph (I have 2 visuals of my speed, the built in that came with my car and a 6″ screen Garmin GPS that also shows mph) I was pulled over and attempted to explain to the sheriff’s officer as to why I was going over 70mph. The officer ignored my explanation, asking for my license.
“…I clocked you going 85…, give me your license…” — I said “…85? that’s impossible…can I tell you…” just give me your license”
what the heck is going on in McIntosh County? Never received a speeding ticket, in 30 years of driving!

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