Garden City, Georgia Speed Traps

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Hwy 80 Dean Forest Rd and Chatham Parkway

Garden City, GeorgiaJul 09, 20190 Comments

Two Garden city police cars watch this section of road every day. They park a car in the center lane of Hwy 80 near the intersection of Dean Forest road looking north so they can see the driver going south and pick their target. They also park in a group of trees on the east side of Hwy 80 midway down between Hwy 80 between Dean Forest Rd and Chatham Parkway. They are looking for the smallest infraction. I got pulled over because my tag cover had turned yellow (Weathered Tag Cover).
32.092598, -81.196471
32.088884, -81.179909

Dean Forest Rd

Garden City, GeorgiaDec 07, 20120 Comments

Road is under construction, speed limit has been reduced from 45 to 35 mph. Tickets are written even in the middle of the night when there is no traffic and ticket cites "Construction Site." If you are used to driving the road with the former speed limit, they ticket. The road is open and clear and they’re ticketing for "contruction site" condition at night when there is no construction activity.

Chatham Parkway off ramp exit off I-16 going Westbound

Garden City, GeorgiaMar 11, 20120 Comments

This is a hidden, illegal dui roadblock set up Fri & Sat late night. You cannot see all the blue lights until you’re halfway up the hairpin turn . They do not put up the state-mandated warning sign ahead of the roadblock. Beware!!

North end of I-516 both directions

Garden City, GeorgiaApr 28, 20110 Comments

Speed limit drops from 55 (traffic usually moves 60-65 on this expressway) to 45 at the top of the second overpass entering Garden City (still four lane expressway conditions); police sit in the left turn lane at the bottom of the overpass catching cars having not slowed yet. In the other direction, limit doesn’t increase from 45 to 55 until after the second overpass out of Garden City (well into four lane expressway conditions); police sit at end of second overpass, just ahead of the 55 sign running radar and easily catching cars already up to expressway speed.

Lynes Parkway near US Highway 21

Garden City, GeorgiaNov 02, 20071 Comments

As cars come over the overpass and enter Garden City the road changes from 55 mph to 45mph and police cars sit just over the overpass and clock you as you come over the hill. They are not visable until they have read your speed which is higher than posted most times because it is a six lane road that is the ending of a 55mph parkway. They usually have several cars to read the speed and others to run down the motorists. The activity has not been quite as aggressive in the last few months, I believe they probably had lots of complaints. It was not equally enforced either. My sister got a warning. I got a ticket for the same infraction and the same amount of speed and was told that they could not issue warnings. I’m 20 years older than my sister, hummm.

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