Oliver, Georgia Speed Traps

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Hwy 24 & Hwy 17, Middle of town

Oliver, GeorgiaNov 22, 20170 Comments

Doing the speed limit from Savannah, I saw the 45 mph sign, let off the gas, and coasted past the cop at the blinking yellow light. The blue lights came on and he said I was doing 56 in a 35. He was concerned because the cross traffic often pulls out without looking. But because I had a good driving record he would fix the ticket so it would not impact my insurance or points. The ticket cost $375!!!!

Oliver Ga

Oliver, GeorgiaAug 23, 20150 Comments

Oliver Ga is definitely a speed trap, my GPS system took me on a detour on this back road. The officer said I was going 56 in a 35 speed zone. I noticed all the comments posted says the same “being clocked at 56 speed in a 35 speed limit. How is everone being clock at the same speed limit? Something is not right about this town.

Oliver Georgia

Oliver, GeorgiaJul 10, 20150 Comments

Oliver Georgia is very much a speed trap, y’all that live there may look at these comment and laugh like it’s fun but for a town to be that small we all already know you are working together. And by the way where does the money go, look as if it’s going into someone pocket because the town looks a mess and it look as the office give everyone the same speed , something about this town isn’t right.

Oliver, GA

Oliver, GeorgiaJul 11, 20141 Comments

Same story as others. Too bad you have to google speed traps before traveling instead of finding out afterwards.
BE CAREFUL ! Excessive fine will be waiting for you. Absolutely ridiculous, I traveled through two weeks ago and I am from out of state and before I noticed the sign I was clocked 56 in a 35. Funny how others seem to be clocked at the exact same speed. Don’t ever want to be near there again. I’m sure to much amusement of people living there or are familiar with this location, I’m sure it the talk of the town. But the fines are so high it is a complete rip -off and only to fatten some of their pockets. It’s unjustified, never had points and clean license forever and have such huge fines for such an empty almost deserted piece of road with nothing around. Same here, officer told me he is there in case anyone runs a blinking red light on the intersection. I admit I saw the sign too late, wherever the first one was. probably because there is no reason for the speed reduction at this place except generating revenue. Looked up the base fines in GA and realized there might be add on’s, but this was many times higher, completely unexpected. Cash or money order only please. Stay away. Seems very corrupt to me, don’t know how this can be in this day and age.

intersection of hwy 24 and hwy 17

Oliver, GeorgiaMar 12, 20140 Comments

the speed reduces very quickly. there is one blinking caution light and one cop with a radar. This is how this small town is able to have a police dept. of one. It is well known by locals but not by tourist traveling to Savannah Ga.

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