Pelham, Georgia Speed Traps

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In Pelham, Ga

Pelham, GeorgiaSep 04, 20201 Comments

The speeding limit goes from 55 to 45 to 55 to 65 its a speeding trap

US 19

Pelham, GeorgiaSep 19, 20190 Comments

Major speed trap, on US 19 in Pellham, GA. I have the exact same story as many on this website for that area. “Right before you get to Pelham the speed drops from 65 to 55 then down to 45….if you were driving at 65 and took your foot off the gas your vehicle will still not be down to 45 in time to avoid getting a ticket”($400.00) I can pretty well guess, that the cops fight to “SIT” in that spot, and laugh all day long on how many cars they caught that day. Nothing in the landscape, to my knowledge, warranted a slowdown of speed. Let alone 2 speed limit changes. No residential area, no businesses looming ahead. Same landscape at 65 mph as when it was 45mph. I don’t feel the ticket was given to me in the true spirit for which speeding laws were intended. I was going a safe speed for the area.

US 19

Pelham, GeorgiaJun 13, 20190 Comments

I was driving my motorhome on North US 19. Up ahead I notice a police car had someone pulled over in front of me and I tried to pull into the center lane to avoid the police car and stopped motorist, but I couldn’t because a speeding motorist was approaching in that Lane so I could not move over. I was only going 40mph so I felt that it was fine. The officer pulled me over and ticketed me for not moving over and let the speeding motorist go free. I could tell from the attitude of the Pelham police officer that it was just a ticket trap and I was easy pray.

On U.S. 19

Pelham, GeorgiaApr 27, 20170 Comments

The officers sit on the sidewalk just South of Flash Foods and shoot lazer as vehicles top the hill in front of Huddle House. They also sit in the turning lane at the intersection of US 19 and Harmony Road at the bottom of a hill in the Southbound Lane and clock vehicles travelling Northbound as they are coming around curve.

Highway 19

Pelham, GeorgiaJun 22, 20160 Comments

As soon as I saw the flashing light I said this is a trap. When I got home I googled Georgia Speed Trap and Pelham came up. I read the other complaints and agreed. I decided I was going to complain to someone so I called and asked for the City Managers address. I wrote him and said “I noticed that the City Logo said that Pelham is a Special Place. I told him I agree, it’s a place that takes advantage of people passing through. They made it easy for me to pay my $303 fine by providing me with a web site where I could pay on line. I guess that’s good business.

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