Winterville, Georgia Speed Traps

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anywhere in winterville

Winterville, GeorgiaFeb 19, 20110 Comments

i have rental units outside of Winterville. The first thing I do is tell all of my tenants to stay clear of Winterville. It is ridiculous. There is a gas station there, where police apparently live. . Keep driving, pay attention, and don’t look at anyone and you should be alright, especially at night(!) I live down the road. Many horrible stories of overzealous police behavior. They could have a thriving urban center if it was not for the gestapo mentality. It is actually a pretty town. Every time i have to go to that store I swear they hang out at the door and actually "sniff me". Winterville is an "anything and everything" trap. It is worth the gas to drive around Winterville.

Robert Hardeman Road off Main Street

Winterville, GeorgiaFeb 16, 20111 Comments

The speed limit changes from 35 mph to 45 mph & there is almost always a police officer there who "claims" that he "clocked" a driver going over 35 mph as he was passing them, going in the opposite direction, before the speed limit changed. Be especially careful on weekends as he is always there. I live in Winterville & know several people who have been ticketed here. Some have tried to argue in court, but no judge is going to call a police officer a liar. Winterville police never, to my knowledge, offer "warnings." The police chief, in a newspaper article, even bragged about how many speeding/traffic violations would be issued this year – 1,500 in a town with a population of around 1,000. Isn’t this a "quota?"

Cherokee Road near Sagewood Road

Winterville, GeorgiaMay 24, 20080 Comments

Police sit on the side of the road infront of the ball park running laser and radar at traffic coming from Athens. Speed limit is 45mph and seems most people have learned not to speed. They are out there daily and not too many tickets are being written.

Smithonia Road near Charlie Bolton Road

Winterville, GeorgiaMay 24, 20080 Comments

The officer sits in front of the 45mph sign running people going out of town. The speed intown is 35 and doesnt change till you get to where he sits. Most people think that they are writting bad tickets. They are not. The speed doesnt change till you PASS the 45 mph sign. Watch your speed from town and you wont get a ticket!

Main Street near The County line

Winterville, GeorgiaMay 24, 20080 Comments

The sit on the side of the road shooting laser at people going out of town. The speed on Main St is 40mph all the way through town. After you pass the county line it becomes 55mph. Keep your speed down through town. There are residents that call ALL the time to complain about the speeders and so out they go to write tickets.

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