Woodstock, Georgia Speed Traps

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Main Street

Woodstock, GeorgiaNov 07, 20091 Comments

Ever since Woodstock lowered the speed limit to 25 MPH, they’ve been issuing tickets right and left. The stretch with the 25 MPH limit is at least 2 miles long.

Neese Road

Woodstock, GeorgiaNov 07, 20090 Comments

The area has a posting of 30mph then cuts down to 25 after the stop sign coming from 92. The sign is hidden a bit. Police sit and either side entrance of the park looking for the person that think that won’t be seen.

Dreamcatcher Drive

Woodstock, GeorgiaJul 03, 20080 Comments

Police sit behind shrubs at pool area waiting to pounce on a teenager heading to school, and not coming to a complete stop at sign.

Putnam Ford Road near Eagle Drive

Woodstock, GeorgiaJun 03, 20080 Comments

The police cars often sit to the left side of the road when traveling from Eagle Drive on Putnam Ford. They sit right past the office park in attempts to catch people speeding while going around curves. They are there several times a week at any time during the day- see them quite often around 4:30-7:00pm. They look for speeders but will pull people over for other offenses, such as a cracked windshield. May give warnings instead of tickets.

State Highway 92-just east of State 5 near State Route Hwy 5 Canton Hwy

Woodstock, GeorgiaFeb 25, 20081 Comments

Positioned in a small parking spot for workers (on the right side of the road) that service a small power station in the valley just past a car wash usually shooting Westbound traffic coming down the hill approaching Hwy 5. Lights off at night sitting at an angle so their reflective decals won’t shine.The "NEW" LED Traffic Lights at the bottom of the hill also help hide his position because they are blindingly bright!Very Sneaky!Very Rude!Very Accusatory!Extremely Unprofessional!BEWARE!Fully expect to hear"What/How much have you been drinking tonight" whether you have been drinking or not.P.S.-I don’t drink, and I was doing exactly the posted speed limit 45 at 4:30 AM on my way to work!NO PROBABLE CAUSE WHATSOEVER!Alot of "Gung-Ho" new Rookies have recently been added to this Highly Trained Professional Group of Revenuers.
QUOTA’S GONE MAD,EXTREME HARASSMENT, What great title’s for some movies!
They never show those kinds of clips on COPS!
Being Polite and Courteous will do you No Good!
Holly Springs-DITTO!

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