Mound City, Illinois Speed Traps

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Pulaski County – On Interstate #57

Mound City, IllinoisDec 07, 20220 Comments

Mound City, Illinois in Pulaski County is the dirtiest, economically depressed piece of garbage town I have ever witnessed. From 70 MPH to 55 instantly. Not a single worker present anywhere for miles before & after. A fake construction zone is what they have going on. Absolutely incredible the scam that is going on here. Had cars pulled over all over the place. My very arrogant police officer was #250. Said he clocked me 70 in a 55. If I would have slowed down when I saw the only sign, a Semi would have rear ended me. This arrogant police officer said I had no choice than to appear in their Kangaroo court.
I had to drive over 325 miles to appear. There were over 400 people in court with traffic tickets in the same construction zone, where there is no construction. My cost was $825.00. If you pay the court $100 extra they will not turn you in so you get points. I saw folks having to pay in excess of a $1000 today. Illinois corruption at it’s best. Must have learned it from the Governor of the state. Mound City, Illinois is a dirty little economically depressed city & county & this is what they are doing to cash in. The Courthouse looked like an abandoned school house and was a joke in itself. Will never enter this Pulaski County again. Wish a network program like 20/20 or 48 Hours would investigate this corruption. My advice avoid this scamming area the best you can. You will see many others complaining about this. This scam is their only industry. I see why.

Interstate 57 S

Mound City, IllinoisJun 07, 20210 Comments

Well nothing changed since last year .. the Sheriff office is still on the speed traps. I wasn’t pulled over in the construction zone tho. I never exceeded 78mph. Got pulled over and I was told I was going 87!!! No interested in insurance or answering any questions. I saw them way ahead, I followed the traffic speed. I bet deputy was so sure of me speeding that she went opposite direction first, then decided to turn around and follow the group of cars, she spent few seconds behind all of the, finally settling in mine. I bet I live the further so I won’t have a time to travel for a court. After talking to few attorneys it’s not matter of truth it’s only of matter how much I’ll pay to have it off my record I’ve driven all over this country. Never had a ticket, never seen anything like that!

Mound City I-57. Mm9 to mm10.

Mound City, IllinoisOct 19, 20200 Comments

Sheriff officer was sitting in the middle of interstate in the tall grass in construction zone! He gave me a ticket for doing 67 in 55 but I’m also in a semi truck and he also gave the car behind me a ticket too for trying to pass me on the right lane that was merging! You don’t see the officer due to the tall grass And as you peak the hill you’re on top of him! I’m fighting it I HAVE him on my road VIDEO.

I-57 in Pulaski County

Mound City, IllinoisJun 26, 20200 Comments

I’m 75 years old and have been driving since I was 16. I got my first and only traffic ticket here. The officer, who was driving a mud-colored unmarked car, pulled me over for speeding in a “construction zone”. Of course, there’s no actual construction and never has been. Because I live out of state (far from this godforsaken county) I couldn’t appear in person in court. This cost me $300 for an attorney and $872 in fines and court costs. Needless to say, from here on I’ll drive many miles out of my way in order to forever avoid this hideous county.

Just north of Mound City…no nearby exit

Mound City, IllinoisMar 23, 20200 Comments

As I used capital letters to emphasize the danger of this speed zone, must resubmit the warning. Reduce your speed to exactly 55 mph. This area is labelled a construction zone but lawyers working these cases have stated the county of Pulaski knows it is not. You will not be able to plead your own case. It’s not what they do. There are 5-8 hwy patrol ready to ticket you even if you are going only 5 mph over the posted speed limit. Tickets are costing citizens $600-$1000 per violation. You will need a lawyer. There are plenty of signs warning of this area. Miles and Miles and Miles ahead of the trap. Don’t get frustrated. Just reduce the speed and wait it out.

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