Norridge, Illinois Speed Traps

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East River Road near Foster + Lawrence Avenue

Norridge, IllinoisFeb 09, 20080 Comments

This half mile, four lane stretch of apartment entrances on the east side and forest preserve on the west side is a popular spot for the cops to sit with their radars out. The border between Norridge( Which has a ton of cops), and Chicago is inbetween foster and Lawrence. The speed limit is only 35, and it is common for people to not realize that the speedometer is near 50. It is mostly Norridge cops that hide there. Some even hide on the Chicago side. It is really easy for them to hide down the side streets because the veiws are blocked by full parking lots and apartment buildings. THEY WILL EVEN TICKET YOU FOR EVEN ONE OR TWO OVER THE SPEED LIMIT.

Marchese Boulevard near Harlem Avenue

Norridge, IllinoisDec 10, 20070 Comments

Police cars sit in parking lots along the stretch of Harlem Avenue intersecting Marchese Boulevard in front of the Harlem-Irving Plaza. They are looking for vehicles speeding above the posted 30 mph speed limit between 3:30pm and 6:00pm Monday through Friday. There is an industrial park just north of this area in Harwood Heights. The police make a lot of arrests for no driver’s licenses, since alot of the people who work in the area are illegal immigrants. Keep within the speed limit to avoid being pulled over.

Foster Avenue

Norridge, IllinoisOct 22, 20070 Comments

The Norridge PD sit on the south side of Foster, sometimes on a side street shooting cross traffic, between Canfield and Oketo. They like to sit between parked cars or at the end of a string of parked cars.

Northwest Highway Avenue near Harlem Avenue

Norridge, IllinoisSep 29, 20070 Comments

A specially assigned Norridge Police Car, marked 520, is parked alongside the Century 21 parking lot all hours of the day taking radar for speeding vehicles on Harlem Avenue. Sometimes its the older 50-ish male white shirt and sometimes its the young 40-ish female blonde in plain clothes who rides with him. Be very careful of your speed around this area. This car is here all of the time. Lately, they have been using a new white Chevy with no decals, but it has Municipal Police plates. Look out for either one parked by the Century 21 all hours of the day.

Harlem Avenue

Norridge, IllinoisAug 14, 20070 Comments

Most any section of Harlem Avenue from Irving Park Road to Gunnison (this includes part of the town Harwood Heights) is prone to nailing you for ANYTHING. Norridge & Harwood Heights (both of these towns you pass through here) have been known through the years to be VERY aggressive when pulling drivers over for ANY reason. This includes speeding, No Turn On Red, or license/tag issues. While going to high school in the late ’80s nearby, there were even rumors that specific type of "drivers" or automobiles were being targeted. Unless you got all your ducks in a row, I would proceed here with caution. You will see locals that approach here slow down and drive very cautiously, as well. They know the drill.

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