Plainfield, Indiana Speed Traps

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Buchanan Street near Brookside Lane

Plainfield, IndianaOct 24, 20040 Comments

Hides in a driveway that is obsured by a rusty camper and large van

Stafford Road near Directly across from the high school parking lot at the bottom of the hill

Plainfield, IndianaOct 17, 20040 Comments

The cops are usually tucked back into the court a little way. It usually seems to be one of the motorcycle cops. Speed limit is 30mph but between the hours of 7am and 5pm it is 25mph because its a school zone. Cops usually wait there only during those hours. Be careful because there is a bigger fine for speeding in a school zone.

S Center Street near Friendship Gardens

Plainfield, IndianaSep 26, 20040 Comments

Several marked and unmarked cars as well as a motorcycle unit patrol congregate in the north parking lot of Friendship Gardens. The gardens are seperated from the road with and earth mound barrier which makes seeing into the gardens from the road difficult. The speed limit on this part of S Center is not totally unreasonable, it could stand to be about 5mph higher but due to certain factors that is unlikley. This is not a major trap I only occasionaly see some a motorist stopped here.

Dan Jones Road near US Highway 40

Plainfield, IndianaSep 26, 20040 Comments

Marked and unmarked cars frequently sit behind a fence of a large abondoned industrial building monetering mostly north bound traffic. The car can only be seen from a certain angle for about 2 seconds about 300 yards before you reach it. I don’t know if they station the motorcycle units there or not. Plainfield cops are notorious for ticketing drivers for going 1mph over the limit(in one case I heard of a ticket issued for 0.1 mph over but I have doubts as to the credibility of the source). Best advice go 25mph (5 under the limit) until you can see inside the fence with your mirrors before speeding up to a reasonale speed if every thing checks out.

N Center Street near Pinnacle Estates

Plainfield, IndianaSep 26, 20040 Comments

Local Policeman sits in marked car parked toward the back of an apartment complex. You cannot see him until it’s too late. It is very easy to get carried away with your speed in this area you are coming off a slightly windy and undulating county road. Right before you enter the old part of town (going southbound)there is a steep hill with a quick "s" bend that is easy to get carried away on if you are not very carefull. The apartment complex is about 150 feet away from the bottom of the hill giving you a little time to skim off any extra speed you may have accumulated going down the hill. This trap is not a huge threat seeing as I frequently get passed going down that road by some people on sportbikes without a helmets or shirts who are doing about 80mph in a 30 zone during my occasional 9pm Hardee’s runs.

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