Dodson, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Dodson, LA. speed trap coming down the hill

Dodson, LouisianaApr 29, 20190 Comments

My wife and I fell into the Dodson, La. speed trap coming down the hill ( Hwy. 167) just before we got to the 45 mph sign. He said we had passed a 50 mph just before that and he said we were going 62mph. Obvious speed trap as you are coming downhill and not much evidence of a town at all with a partially obscured speed limit sign on the right. If you are pulling a trailer you just don’t have time to slow down and that’s what they count on . Their motto, ” Ticket and Fine”, has nothing to do with public safety just an unethical way to commit highway robbery and hide behind the “laws” of Louisiana. Sadly you should avoid Dodson at all costs on Hwy . 167.

Highway 167 and Jones Street

Dodson, LouisianaJun 07, 20170 Comments

On the 4th day 0f June 2017 at 10:21am. I was driving on Highway 167 and Jones Street in Dodson Louisiana. I was driving down-hill with an unloaded semi truck Tractor and trailer. This vehicle is a commercial vehicle for a popular trucking company. I was driving down Highway 167 (a road that had various speed limit signs as you drove down). I went from a 65mph speed zone to a 50mph speed zone. Not far after the 50mph point the speed limit lowers to 45mph and this is where the officer was lurking in a parking lot. Before I had time to adjust my speed I saw police lights in the front of me in a parking lot on my right hand side. The officer pulled me over and said that he had caught me doing 66mph in a 50mph zone. It was clear to me that this officer had set up a speed trap. I was in the process of slowing down when I saw the 50mph sign (which was very obscure). The officer was set up in a position that didn’t give me time to slow down. I asked the officer for mercy based on my needing to drive in order to make a living. He basically told me that if I paid the ticket before the court date then I wouldn’t get any points on my license (which I later found to be untrue). He simply gave me a ticket for speeding without any further conversation.

South of Dodson on U.S. 167 in front of some diesel tanks.

Dodson, LouisianaAug 22, 20151 Comments

The officer sits there and shoots the motorist coming from the south as they enter the 50 mph zone from the 65 mph posted speed limit. If the driver breaks the 50 mph zone, he gets a ticker . The fine is $195 to help the town of Dodson. This happened to me on August 19, 2015. Instead of “Protect and Serve” the motto is “ticket and fine” for the benefit of the town treasury.

Highway 167

Dodson, LouisianaJul 19, 20150 Comments

Instead of the one policeman sitting on the one side by the old baseball field, often there will be another sitting about 75 yards away hiding in a parking lot on the right behind logging equipment. Will pull you over for barely speeding.

On the north end of the high way 167 entering Dodson

Dodson, LouisianaFeb 22, 20150 Comments

The cop hides on the west side of the road and radars you as you decelerate then pulls you over and says you were speeding when you were not. You will know you were not speeding but there is not much you can do about it. Use your speed control and slow down well before you get top this or any town in Louisiana.

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