Brockton, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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Old Christo’s Parking Lot

Brockton, MassachusettsMay 06, 20200 Comments

D.O.T. , Brockton unit with SAME dude in military garb sits and usually faces Crescent Street. His training is for commercial vehicles, but he is notorious for personal vehicles with “altered suspension / height”, inspection decals and TINT!!! If you are stopped, you ARE getting a ticket, because as we in Brockton all know, he is NEVER wrong.

(South side) Copeland and Susan Rd

Brockton, MassachusettsJul 31, 20170 Comments

Cruiser sits on Susan Rd and grabs people heading in both directions on Copeland Street. Most motorists are usually grabbed heading north on Copeland as they are used to the 40 MPH in West Bridgewater, and then continue at this same speed when they enter Brockton which is 30 MPH.

West of Thurber Ave (entrance to fairgrounds)

Brockton, MassachusettsJul 31, 20170 Comments

If you are heading east on Belmont Street (toward Brockton center), watch out between 8 AM and 4 PM. D.O.T cops in SUVs sit in entrance to the fairgrounds just before Classic Cutters Salon. They’re doing speed enforcement, but mostly looking for vehicle violations (i.e. inspection stickers, vehicle height and suspension alterations and tint). Safe in this area from 11:30 AM until 1PM (lunch break @ pizza joint), then back to this spot. You WILL get a ticket / arrested here, so don’t even bother to speak if they grab you. Give you license and move on.

West Chestnut St.

Brockton, MassachusettsDec 18, 20140 Comments

as you drive past the blinking yellow light the speed limit goes from 40 to 30. the sign is barely visible. I live on this street and someone gets pulled over everyday. Cops hide in the entrance to the army hospital to the right of candy world. and more places down the road i haven’t discovered yet.

Torrey Street, west of Pearl St

Brockton, MassachusettsDec 05, 20130 Comments

1/2 mile down toward Easton, in the last year on 3 occasions I’ve seen an unmarked police car with lights flashing and a car pulled over on the north side of Torrey St. I didn’t see the actual pullover, but each time it was the same spot, just after the ball field. Also, each time it was at dusk. Just before the pullover spot there is a road going to a park. It’s possible that the police cars hide there – I don’t know. The posted speed is 30mph, and now that what I do on that street. I go on that street once a day, and so I have no idea how active that enforcement is. But 3 pullover at exactly the same spot is an indication that enforcement has its attention there in some way.

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