Lowell, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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Southbound on West Meadow Road (at Dr. Ann Wang School zone)

Lowell, MassachusettsMay 11, 20100 Comments

A two-person traffic control unit: They operate stationary lidar device trained on traffic travelling southbound on West Meadow Road, towards Dr. Ann Wang Middle School. Speed limit is 30mph and drops to 20mph at the school zone (ONLY WHEN THE LEGEND ON THE CHANGEABLE 20MPH SIGN IS FLASHING). The apprehending half of the unit, who also operates the stationary lidar, hides behind a unmarked common vehicle, parked on the left side of the school zone crosswalk facing southbound traffic on West Meadow Road. The unmarked common vehicle also serves to hide a marked cruiser parked on Laplume Road, facing northbound traffic on West Meadow Road. Traffic control unit’s location is also concealed by the sharp curves on West Meadow Road, about 700ft from the unit’s position. The apprehending half of the two-person unit physically flags down operators clocked on lidar by stepping in the middle of the school zone crosswalk. The other half of the two-person unit sits in his hidden cruiser and writes citations. The hidden cruiser may also have on-board radar trained on traffic travelling Northbound on West Meadow Road.

Boylston St

Lowell, MassachusettsMay 10, 20100 Comments

In the school zone in front of the Pyke School

Thorndike Street

Lowell, MassachusettsApr 05, 20100 Comments

Coming off the Lowell Connector the cops hide on the little sides streets on the right. They wait for anyone that will blow thru the yellow as it is turning red at the lights either at the YMCA or the next set at the school. They used to park at the big house on the corner, hiding the cruiser deeper in the parking lot so you can not see it but since that house caught on fire, they are parking on the side streets. They do not usually have their lights on and are pulled back far enough so that you can not see them until you are at the street.

Lowell connector Road

Lowell, MassachusettsJun 04, 20090 Comments

Lowell Connector north has a speed limit of 55mph and 2000 ft before the end the speed limit drops to 30mph. The road takes a curve and a slope before this exit and the local police park right after exit 5A where it is impossible to see because of the curve/slope. Because of many accidents with deaths in this road and the fact that right at the end of the speedway there are houses, police will monitor speed almost daily.

industrial Avenue near Exit Number 3

Lowell, MassachusettsMay 07, 20080 Comments

industrial ave right near the rotary,the police will park their cars right under the lowell connector and watch to make sure you come to a complete stop at exit 3 coming in bound into lowell,once you get right off the ramp a police officer is usually parked right inder the overpass and will pull you over if you dont make a complete stop at the stop sign.
they are usually there from late afternnon into early evening sporadically.

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