Lowell, Massachusetts Speed Traps

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Rt 110 Inbound to Aikin St near Brick Building

Lowell, MassachusettsAug 25, 20170 Comments

The officer will be behind the trees after the brick building to get you heading towards Aikin St from the Bridge St intersection. As of 8/25/2017 this is also a Construction Zone. Do not judge your speed by the car in front of you as the office will pick whomever he wants not necessarily the first car above the speed limit.

Gorham St. near Elementary School

Lowell, MassachusettsFeb 26, 20120 Comments

There is an elementary school on Gorham street, across the street is a cemetery. The police car usually parks on one of the cemetery access roads, which hides it from traffic on Gorham St. Speed limit changes from 30 to 20mph at school zone. An officer with radar will walk into street to stop offenders- there are a ton of children in the area and speeding through the area is not wise but is common since Gorham is a major route for many commuters. Be aware.

Mammoth at VFW headed northbound.

Lowell, MassachusettsJan 18, 20120 Comments

Traffic patterns at this intersection are horrible. Cops wait on north side of Mammoth for cars that change from the left lane to the right to go straight, even done in a safe manner, with a blinker, before the intersection. Two cops in one car just waiting to trap people.

Intersection of Nesmith st. and East Merrimack

Lowell, MassachusettsJul 28, 20111 Comments

When heading towards Andover St the police sit on East Merrimack st waiting for folks to get stuck at a red light. The problem is that Nesmith st. merges into one lane so cars always get stuck at a red light waiting for room to merge….easy pickings for the revenue generators.

Southbound on West Meadow Road (at Dr. Ann Wang School zone)

Lowell, MassachusettsMay 11, 20100 Comments

A two-person traffic control unit: They operate stationary lidar device trained on traffic travelling southbound on West Meadow Road, towards Dr. Ann Wang Middle School. Speed limit is 30mph and drops to 20mph at the school zone (ONLY WHEN THE LEGEND ON THE CHANGEABLE 20MPH SIGN IS FLASHING). The apprehending half of the unit, who also operates the stationary lidar, hides behind a unmarked common vehicle, parked on the left side of the school zone crosswalk facing southbound traffic on West Meadow Road. The unmarked common vehicle also serves to hide a marked cruiser parked on Laplume Road, facing northbound traffic on West Meadow Road. Traffic control unit’s location is also concealed by the sharp curves on West Meadow Road, about 700ft from the unit’s position. The apprehending half of the two-person unit physically flags down operators clocked on lidar by stepping in the middle of the school zone crosswalk. The other half of the two-person unit sits in his hidden cruiser and writes citations. The hidden cruiser may also have on-board radar trained on traffic travelling Northbound on West Meadow Road.

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