River Rouge, Michigan Speed Traps

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Coolidge Highway (Schaefer) Overpass before Jefferson

River Rouge, MichiganMar 25, 20131 Comments

As you pass Fort and before High School and overpass it goes from 35 to 25 mph for 2 blocks. The River Rouge police in SUV wait on opposite side past light. This is just the start as Judge Judy has nothing on the pros down river at 25th District Court. They have taken the art of first giving tickets in this two block 25 mph speed trap, then on court day -you are told go to court and no points-getting pulled out in groups of 3 to plea bargain with ‘City Prosecutor’ to plead guilty to a no point Impeding Traffic, then your 2 minutes before the ‘Judge’and pay as you leave, credits cards an extra $7…

Schaefer Avenue near South of RR overpass, North of Jefferson

River Rouge, MichiganSep 16, 20071 Comments

The same officer sits at the sidestreet just past the RR overpass. The speed limit is 25mph (near the High School). When you are coming down the hill, passing under the RR overpass, it is very easy to exceed 25mph (you are well past the High School now, by the way). There are constantly over a dozen people in court for this ‘offense’. The courthouse is next to this point, so it is easy for the office to show up in court to explain how accurate his equipment is. I’m sure this is a significant source of income for the city of RiverRouge.

State Highway Schaefer near W. Jefferson Avenue

River Rouge, MichiganAug 23, 20070 Comments

On Schaefer just north of W. Jefferson, there will be a radar car positioned on a short dirt road just West of Schaefer. They are clocking speeds and don’t forget the speed limit changes to 25 mph just before you reach the location.

Schafer Road near Jefferson Avenue

River Rouge, MichiganAug 01, 20072 Comments

Anyone turning left from Jefferson Ave onto Schafer Road had better keep BELOW the limits until they get past the viaducts leading out of River Rouge and into Detroit. The police station is near, and the jr/sr high school is just beyond that, and they will claim you are speeding at random. Then they "allow" you to get a no-points "impeding traffic" violation in court for which you’ll pay $150 bucks. If you contest the speeding ticket, you get the points AND the fine!

Fort Street near Victoria Street

River Rouge, MichiganFeb 04, 20070 Comments

There is a traffic light at Fort Street and Victoria, just as you are entering River Rouge from Detroit DelRay area. The police hide there, catching people going through the amber light. They will plea you down to a higher fine, for interfering with traffic and no points. A money maker for River Rouge.

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