Apple Valley, Minnesota Speed Traps

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Palomino Drive and Cedar (77)

Apple Valley, MinnesotaJul 15, 20130 Comments

Police sit in a number of areas on Palomino around this intersection just east of the place where the speed limit drops from 45 mph to 35 mph. The places they sit run all the way from Galaxie to Hamlet. Sometimes they sit in the parking lot at the park on Galaxie as well.

Foliage and 140th, on the new road

Apple Valley, MinnesotaJan 06, 20130 Comments

In 2012, they connected downtown AV, behind Menards + Sams Club, to Eastview High School via Foliage Avenue, at 140th Street. That’s also where the police gas up their squad cars; so they’re parked in their own driveway.

Foliage is 35 mph coming out from behind Menards, but drops to 30 on the curve, before the school, where they bust you JUST as you come past the sign.

I plead NOT GUILT to a 42 in a 30! (I had just clocked my odometer at 35, and SLOWED down, knowing the speed dropped to 30; the liar). Another woman in the court room who’d been busted on the same road, same cop, 30 minutes after me, “copped the “deal” and paid the fine, but seemed incredulous.

Awaiting continuance trial date. I’ll keep you posted!

Galaxie Park – Galaxie Ave between 140th & McAndrews

Apple Valley, MinnesotaMay 03, 20110 Comments

On this 45 mph stretch of Galaxie Ave, marked police cars sit in the parking lot of Galaxie Park (approximately 1/8 mile north of 140th St, across from Fordham Avenue), mostly during the day Monday-Friday. They tend to go after speeders heading southbound, as the parking lot entrance is not easily visible to the traffic headed in that direction. My house is directly across the street from this park and as I work from home, I’ve witnessed this more times than I can count. There is also a fire station on the corner of Galaxie and 140th, so police cars are often parked there as well. Heads up, neighbors!

Hwy 77 (Cedar Ave)

Apple Valley, MinnesotaApr 24, 20100 Comments

Just as in year’s past, on Hwy 77 after you cross the bridge into Apple Valley, there are always Highway Patrol laying in wait for speeders.

State Highway 77 near 138th Street

Apple Valley, MinnesotaSep 04, 20081 Comments

Apple Valley is trapping northbound drivers that accelerate from 45MPH to freeway speed before they pass the 65MPH sign that is over 1000 ft into the interstate freeway section. This is the second time I have gotten a ticket here in the last year. Also this was the SECOND ticket I received within 5 minutes, thias second just as frivolous as the first. STAY OUT of Apple Valley near Cedar and C.R. 42 or you will be sorry. Apple Valley must be low on government revenues this year and the cops are out there farming the motorists for minor technicalities. I have never passed through this area at night withoput seeing at least one of two driver pulled over at all times. DO NOT patronize any of the Apple Valley businesses in this area and let them know why. Locally, this area is known a "Apple-Reich" for the over-aggressive police here. DON’T let them get YOUR money!

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