Manchester, Missouri Speed Traps

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On Manchester Rd. west of Wiedman

Manchester, MissouriJan 02, 20120 Comments

3 Stl county cops spaced apart along Manchester Rd.

Connie Road between Hanna & Sulfur Springs

Manchester, MissouriMar 17, 20111 Comments

20 mph speed limit and cops usually sit just over the hill or around the curve catching traffic in either direction. Connie is one long street about a mile long. I obey the speed lime cause I have been pulled over for doing 23 mph. I have lived in this area for 24 years and got one ticket and talked myself out of another.

Highway 141 & Bromfield Terrace

Manchester, MissouriJun 21, 20100 Comments

Be warned of this location… If you are heading North on 141 you can only see a cop car in your rear view mirror after you get pulled over. There is a large retaining wall on the East side of 141 just South of the Bromfield Terrace stoplight. The police car literally backs up behind the wall and fence making it virtually imossible to see them. Be careful at night too because they are looking for more than just speeding here.

Big Bend Road near Westbrooke Village Drive

Manchester, MissouriMar 13, 20080 Comments

On Big Bend west of Hanna Rd between Westbrooke Village Dr (Westbrooke Apartments) and Sugar Hill Dr.
At night time Manchester will use their dark blue police cars. They will park on the pedestrian sidewalk at the bottom of the hill on the corner of Big Bend and Westbrooke Village Dr where there is no light. When coming from Hanna on Big Bend you can�t see them until you get around the curve toward the bottom of the hill and when coming from Sulfur Springs on Big Bend coming down the big hill just as you crest the next small hill you will never them setting on the sidewalk�.
Also they will park in the pedestrian sidewalk at the top of the small hill on Big Bend just before Sugar Hill Dr on either side of Big Bend in complete darkness. You will never see them until it to late.

Carman Road near Dougherty Ferry Road

Manchester, MissouriSep 02, 20071 Comments

Police sit on South side of Carman Road hidden in the trees and shoot radar at motorists coming down a relatively steep hill where the speed limit is 30 mph, but reduces to 25 mph for a school zone. Without riding your brake it is impossible to stay within the limit coming down the hill. At the same time, the car is capable of shooting traffic that is westbound on Carman Road from Dougherty Ferry which has a higher speed limit of 45 mph.

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