Shrewsbury, Missouri Speed Traps

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Weil Avenue and Danbury Avenue

Shrewsbury, MissouriFeb 18, 20110 Comments

Police sit at the bottom of Danbury Avenue and clock not only speeders but rolling stoppers. The Shrewsbury Police are not only relentless, but also ticket you for 2 miles per hour over or even the slightest roll.

Kenrick Manor

Shrewsbury, MissouriApr 21, 20100 Comments

More so a "rolling stop" trap than Speed. On Kenrick Mannor, the cops sit on the side streets to nab anyone doing the good ole’ "rolling stop". One night there were 3 cops, one at each stop sign on Kenrick Mannor.

Also, when you pass the DaCom building, there’s sometimes a cop sitting in the lot of the townhomes on the right, near the tennis courts. They’ll nab people for rolling stops at the 3 way stop or speeding. How do i know? I live in the Triwoods condos.

I-44 Anywhere in Shrewsbury City Limits

Shrewsbury, MissouriApr 03, 20101 Comments

On I-44 anywhere in the Shrewsbury city limits, they’ll get you for speeding. They got me. Shrewbury is the first municipality west of St Louis on I-44.

Shrewbury Avenue near Interstate 44

Shrewsbury, MissouriSep 04, 20070 Comments

Police hang out on the side street or parking lots between Interstate 44 north to Big Bend. It was my first ticket in St. Louis (makes me kind of nastalgic..)

Laclede Station Road near Between Kenrick Manor and Murdoch

Shrewsbury, MissouriFeb 12, 20060 Comments

When you are going North down Laclede Station Shrewsbury Police hide in the side streets. When you are going north they are on the right. On the other side is Webster Groves. I have never seen a Webster Groves officer over there, they are usually North of I-44. When going down Laclede Station the Speed Limit is 40 and you can go about 12 miles over in the left lane but its probably less than that in the right lane.

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