Searchlight, Nevada Speed Traps

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US 95 Searchlight, NV

Searchlight, NevadaApr 13, 20200 Comments

Speed limit 65 and then drops to 25 in a very short distance. Too short reduce it almost immediately.

Searchlight Practices Highway Robbery

Searchlight, NevadaFeb 26, 20190 Comments

The town of Searchlight lists its population as 539 people. Yet they have a brand new Justice Court building that needs to be paid for somehow. Police harassment is the means they have chosen. My advice is to avoid this town if possible. If you need to pass through, avoid stopping at any local businesses. The police here watch cars leaving local businesses and look for any excuse to pull them over and issue tickets. We stopped for gas and the police followed us from the gas station and pulled us over. They then issued expensive tickets for total B.S. Also, they will take months to enter the ticket in their system so you need to remember the ticket and keep calling back to pay it. I think they are hoping you will forget and they can charge more. Set a reminder to thwart this trick.

Speed drops to 25 mph on major highway.

Searchlight, NevadaMay 30, 20180 Comments

Speed drops to 25 mph on major highway.
95 north Searchlight city, Nevada small town couple of gas stations

Route 95 near Searchlight, NV

Searchlight, NevadaDec 16, 20151 Comments

This is not a speed trap per se, but yet another way for Nevada Highway Patrol to fill State and Clark County coffers. There is an obscure law which requires all vehicles traveling on a highway having 2 lanes in each direction, to move into the fast lane if there is an “emergency vehicle” parked on the shoulder. The cop was parked to the right of the shoulder white line issuing a ticket, and I drove past him at a leisurely speed (~55mph) in the slow lane. He pulled me over and issued a ticket for $198. Ouch.

Route 95 Searchlight, NV

Searchlight, NevadaMar 19, 20152 Comments

Traveling either direction coming into Searchlight on Rt. 95, speed limit signs incrementally go from 65 to 25 MPH. Keep an eye out for the signage and do the speed limit. There isn’t much along that strip but a couple of gas stations, a small casino and McDonalds.

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