Binghamton, New York Speed Traps

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I81 before split with 17

Binghamton, New YorkMar 01, 20160 Comments

All car moved as on 65 limited zone, e.g. 70-75. I was stopped by said speed at 76 in 55 zone. I really did not any sign when I come to south. As I drive lot on I-81, and knew there will have 55 sign more close to the splitting point. Really after I back on I-81 again about 100 meter, there is 55 sign. Could the officer mixed going south not yet enter the 55 zone but if drive to north, he is right the people just comes out the 55 zone.

Rt 17 near exit 67

Binghamton, New YorkNov 08, 20150 Comments

There is a stretch on 17 where the speed limit drops to 55 MPH in the town of Union. Got pulled over there today and saw 2 other people pulled over on my way back. Speed limit goes back up to 65 shortly after. Be careful in this spot!

NY17/ I86 W (Kamikaze curve) la Grange St & Ingersoll St

Binghamton, New YorkJun 02, 20090 Comments

The NYS troopers and occasionally the Broome Co sheriffs like this spot. Going west on NY 17 (I-86 someday maybe), they sit high on the side hill and with laser can get you as you exit the uphill curve. A large highway sign on the right helps hide them from view.


Binghamton, New YorkMay 28, 20091 Comments

This is a whole series of adjustable speed traps. The town cops & county sheriff join state troopers in this taxation-by-other-means feeding frenzy. BASICALLY: From where 17 meets 81 (I’ve seen cops in the North Bound 81 to 17 on ramp, to get 81NB drivers) SYRACUSE, you are in a speed trap. In the area I marked, I’ve seen a car pulled over 90% of the times I’ve gone through, any time day or night, since I was 18. I’m 46 now. They hide on the off ramps or in the grass areas. JUST DO 55.

Corner of Clinton Street and Jarvis Street

Binghamton, New YorkDec 01, 20080 Comments

City Patrol Car is waiting in the Gas Station on the corner on the left hand side. Too many people are running the light or turning without a thought to their safety.

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