Parma, Ohio Speed Traps

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NB 6740 State Rd @ Padua Franciscan HS

Parma, OhioNov 27, 20230 Comments

20 MPH school speed zone.

Corner of Beresford Ave, West Pleasant Valley Rd, school zone

Parma, OhioApr 03, 20190 Comments

One Parma officer in an Impala is pulling drivers over back-to-back for as little as 5 over inside of the school zone. Hides on Beresford facing the school. Spotted multiple times this week in the mornings, around 8am. 20mph means exactly 20mph.

2401 block of W. Pleasant Valley Rd.

Parma, OhioJun 12, 20180 Comments

Automated traffic camera for going 28. Please boycott Parma, Ohio!

Snow Road,just east of State Road. Old St. Francis School

Parma, OhioFeb 06, 20170 Comments

If you’re a Minority,I don’t think I have to tell you about Parma. Even if you’re not,you should know that they have cliques of Cops,and Politicians that play by their own set of rules. The whole town is a speed trap,but they favor locations where the signs are not likely to be seen,due to placement,obstructions,or lack of etc.,and if you don’t live there,you wouldn’t know any better,and I’m pretty certain that’s what they’re counting on. I got mine turning the corner of off of northbound State Rd. onto eastbound Snow Rd..I’m an observant driver,and I NEVER speed in School Zones,if I know I’m in one,but when you’re turning the corner you probably wont even realize it’s a school and,the sign is in a spot where you don’t see it because you’re busy negotiating the turn. I’m sure they’ve been told this hundreds of times,and if they moved the sign even 30 feet down the road where it would fall into you’re field of view,problem solved. Not only that,but due to there misinterpretation of Ohio law,they believe they have the right to give you a ticket after school has let out,there’s not a child in sight,and the signs aren’t even flashing.I don’t even think the school was open at the time. I read they had to close it due to lack of enrollment,and I distinctly remember the front door being open,and a few construction vans,and workers about. That always catches my eye,as I do building renovation for a living. Personally,I wont even go into that town anymore. This is not the only issue I’ve had there. If you do,just go under 25mph everywhere,and you might be okay.

York Road, Holy Family School Driveway

Parma, OhioJan 19, 20171 Comments

Cop sits over there as early as 7am starting issuing a ticket.
watchout for non-flashing school zone
This new ATM for Parma.

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