Enid, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Cleveland Street

Enid, OklahomaJul 16, 20061 Comments

This speed trap is located just before the Oakwood/Cleveland intersection if you are going North. It drops from 35 to 45. Past the interesction, there is a hill. They sit on any neighborhoods around this speed trap, apartments, etc. They also patrol this little stretch.

Cleveland Street

Enid, OklahomaJul 16, 20060 Comments

This strip is on Cleveland, between Randolph and Chestnut Avenues. Going south on this road, you CANNOT see the PO until it is too late. Going north, you have just a split second to slow down. It is 35MPH here. I have seen him sitting on a neighborhood street, far down (You cannot see him due to trees/fences). He also sits in a cove of trees and bushes on someone’s property. My suggestion is if you get stopped, ask him first if he got permission from the owners (if he was sitting in the trees on that private property) before he sits there. Because it IS illegal for them to use that property without permission.

US Highway 81 near Sign West Side

Enid, OklahomaMar 26, 20060 Comments

U.S. Highway 81 (Van Buren)

4th Street near US Highway 81,64

Enid, OklahomaMar 09, 20040 Comments

On Purdue street by Railroad tracks, within distance 1/2 mile speed limits go from 55 – 45- 30 . The N. Enid police aggesivly seek speeders . N. Enid,town police only fuction is being a traffic Cops.

northernmost 20 miles of I-35 (starting about exist 207)

Enid, OklahomaMay 13, 20020 Comments

This is the speed trap that caught Timothy McVeigh. State troopers are always patrolling both sides of this road, starting from the Kansas border and going south about 20 miles. No time of the day or night is safe.

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