Newcastle, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Hwy 62, south of I-44

Newcastle, OklahomaMar 09, 20101 Comments

I have been pulled over once for going through a yellow light in front of the towns Sonic. It was a detective in an unmarked car. He was leaving the station and saw me speed up through the light. I didn’t run it but he was very, very angry. He said I could have killed someone. A tad melodramatic. I have been pulled over also in the school zone area where the speed limit drops from 65, 55, 45, 35. These cops are small town cops. So just know don’t speed through Newcastle bc they have nothing better to do than traffic stops.

State Highway 9 near Interstate 35

Newcastle, OklahomaMay 24, 20071 Comments

This section is H.w. 9 & I-35 exit 106. This exit is a busy one with newly built Riverwind Casino right off the Interstate. But, just beyond this casino if you continue going west(or going east on hw. 9 towards I-35) for about a mile to mile & 1/2, it is quite the speed trap for Newcastle and Golsby. It is only 45 miles per hour and granted it is busy by the casino, but beyond that, it is kind of overkill. The police routinely sit and wait to catch drivers speeding, especially if you are traveling east(hw.9) towards I-35, and coming over the hill and the speed drops from 65 to 55 to 45 very quickly. Be careful!

State Highway 9 near Western Street

Newcastle, OklahomaMay 15, 20050 Comments

Two, sometimes three city police working this area most evenings and night. Tickets not limited to speeding. Any minor infraction will result in ticket.

US Highway 62 near State Highway 9

Newcastle, OklahomaMay 13, 20041 Comments

Newcastle police constantly patrol this rural area. It is not uncommon for them to park in the median with no lights on or behind vegetation along the side of the road. It is almost comical to watch as this department is always looking for speeders. Don’t speed by any amount in Newcastle OK.

state highway 62 and Interstate 244 north of Newcastle

Newcastle, OklahomaDec 30, 20022 Comments

I am a service business owner and drive approx 85000 miles each year. I cover mainly the central/south central part of Oklahoma. There are several traps in these small towns but I would classify Newcastle, Oklahoma as the worst I have personally seen. As one travels north or south through their town the speed limits are fair and I really see no problem there. However, when you travel north out of the town the city limit is at the south edge of the Canadian river. The river is the boundry between Newcastle City limits and Oklahoma City. It is also the county border between Cleveland and Grady Counties. The speed limit at this point is 70mph as it is an interstate. The HE Bailey turnpike terminates about one mile from the Canadian river. The turnpike traffic spills into the interstate traffic which runs for approx one mile in Newcastle city limits before it crosses over into Oklahoma City. At night, the Newcastle police hide behind an overpass just before the interstate goes over the river and into Oklahoma City jurisdiction. From the point where the officers sit in their patrol car and the river boundry is no more than maybe 500 feet. They then follow you into Oklahoma City jurisdiction, pull you over and write you a ticket. The river bridge is about a half mile wide. In my own case the officer followed me in a crowd of three vehicles. The officer finally turned his lights on and pulled me over at SW134th street which is three miles out of his jurisdiction. When I refused to sign the ticket because I did not recognize his authority, the officer attempted to pull me out of my vehicle and arrest me. All of this and my crime, according to him, was going 5/10 miles over the speed limit. Remember, I was traveling in a pack of vehicles. Also, he did not even begin his pursuit until we were over 2 miles into Oklahoma City limits. The officer told me he could pursue me to hell and back if I broke the law in his town. Those were his words. But the problem is he did not "begin" the pursuit in his town. He waited until we were 2 miles in the OKC city limits and then picked me out of the three vehicles. I complained to the Oklahoma City Police and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Both said the Newcastle Police should not go out of their jurisdiction unless they initiated the pursuit, ie,lights flashing, in their own jurisdiction. Furthermore, my ticket did not indicate I was pulled over 3 miles out of the City limits. By reading the ticket one would believe I was pulled over and ticketed in the Newcastle City limit. After you sign the ticket the officer can tell the judge whatever he wants. I live three miles north of the city limit and can tell you this is a normal ongoing practice by the Newcastle police. You cannot research this because they do not indicate in the ticket they are pulling you over several miles out of their jurisdiction.

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