Cottageville, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Cottageville Hwy

Cottageville, South CarolinaNov 26, 20190 Comments

I was passing through Cottageville from Walterboro to CHS airport. I have past 35 mile zone and I enter to hwy and speed limit was 55mph and its shows on google maps too. Officer pulled me over says you were going 60 on 35 mph. I showed to the officer the navigation says 55+ the board on the highway he did not listen to me give me a ticket or $445 with 6 Point violation I told him I am from Alabama and could not make it to court because it’s 9 1/2 hour far from my home he said call the number and pay of the ticket or come to the court.

17 A and Depot RD about the middle of the RD.

Cottageville, South CarolinaApr 01, 20190 Comments

Speed limit changes quickly so attempting to slow down an officer sits waited for drivers enter the town and have not slowed quickly enough. Officer informed me I was going 47 in a 35 mile zone. Unjust $200.00 fine . I will go out of my way to avoid driving through this town in the future.

main st

Cottageville, South CarolinaDec 17, 20180 Comments


through the town on both sides

Cottageville, South CarolinaAug 06, 20180 Comments

Not just a speed trap. So there are plenty of posts about the speed trap through Cottageville. I have lived on the other side of town for a few years now and travel every day to and from work through the town. So again, I am well aware of the speed traps and where the officers sit. Well, they found another way to ticket individuals…. At the end of town (where 2 lanes turn back into 1) there are three distinct signs one after another: lane ends merge left, another merge sign, and a do not pass sign. After the do not pass sign, there is a dotted white line between the two lanes until the lanes run together. I was driving in the right lane with 4 to 5 vehicles in the left lane (behind me) I merged over before the lanes completely turned into one (or i would have ended up in a ditch) and the police officer pulled me over almost a mile up the road for apparently “passing” after the do not pass sign. I asked him what I should have done in that situation as not to cause an accident with anyone that may have been behind me and he didn’t reply but kindly gave me a $200 ticket (not for speeding but failure to obey posted traffic sign) with no points. You bet your bottom I will be fighting this in court with a jury trial (as my peers should be able to clearly see the ridiculous nature of this ticket) and also as recommended by a friend that is also a police officer. This friend of mine in a neighboring jurisdiction also agrees that is a speed trap and that the officer(s) in that town abuse their power. Not to mention I have personally witnessed officers driving at unsafe speeds through the town almost causing accidents themselves.

45 to 55 zone headed towards walterboro

Cottageville, South CarolinaFeb 13, 20180 Comments

Officer stopped me while accelerating to 55 while entering 55 mph zone told me I was going 62 in a 45 mph zone nowhere did I see this dinky little towns officer in line of sight behind me. This town apparently has a bad reputation for being a revenue speedtrap.

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