Rapid City, South Dakota Speed Traps

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I-90 Westbound at the 75mph/65mph speed limit change

Rapid City, South DakotaNov 30, 20130 Comments

South Dakota state troopers sit on this transition and will stop out-of-state vehicles for any reason they can (I was pulled for going 67 in a 65 as I slowed down). Prepare to spend 15 minutes being interrogated about your reason for being there and pressured repeatedly to allow the officer to search your vehicle. The officer I spent some quality time with was pleasant enough when I refused, and said that he generally likes to let people off with a warning if they’re less than five over and honest with him, but that my license plate was now entered into a state database, and I could expect to be pulled over again any time I ventured into South Dakota by officers who "might not be as understanding" as he was of my refusal to allow a search. Not coincidentally, I’m sure, within an exit of parting ways with this officer, a blacked-out Suburban with blue lights in the grill entered the freeway and spent a few miles riding my tail until I’d had enough and exited for fuel, at which point they also exited the freeway to turn around and head back eastward.

The officer who questioned me said very clearly that he had "colleagues" on that stretch of road who did not appreciate being refused a search, and if a driver said no, those colleagues would typically find reasons to write "two or three" tickets for drivers who said no. Might not be a speed trap in the classic sense, but it’s strong-arm intimidation of the sort that one would expect to see in Georgia or the Carolinas. It’s ok; I didn’t want to go back to South Dakota anyway. Mount Rushmore’s underwhelming in person.

I-90 Between Haines Avenue Exit and LaCrosse Street Exit

Rapid City, South DakotaOct 06, 20100 Comments

One or two SD Highway Patrol Troopes like to sit in the middle of the median west of the LaCrosse Street exit. When traveling eastbound, they sit right atop of the small hill. They are there very often and especially during any kind of event going on in Rapid City.

I90 west bound just past interstate spur into town

Rapid City, South DakotaAug 29, 20100 Comments

West bound as you top the hill just past the interstate spur going into Rapid City, a patrol car is often sitting in the median. As you give it the gas to climb the hill and top the hill you will often gain speed without realizing it right away. I have had my encounters there and have seen the patrol cars there often. I say cars because there is often two cars positioned there for both traffic directions. East bound often don’t slow down to the 65 mph speed as they come into the city limits.

Rushmore Drive

Rapid City, South DakotaAug 17, 20071 Comments

Coming down Mt Rushmore Drive (Hwy 16) from the South, the limit changes from 65 to 35 about 1/2 mile from overpass. Also watch your speed on Us 16 about 8 miles South of Rapid City near the Blackhills RV.

State Highway 79

Rapid City, South DakotaAug 06, 20070 Comments

Highway Patrol set just over several small hills south or Rapid City to Hermosa, SD., usually about 6-8 miles south of Rapid City.

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