Gibson, Tennessee Speed Traps

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Hwy. 79

Gibson, TennesseeAug 06, 20190 Comments

This town has so many signs changing limits! received a ticket for going 39!in a 35! SPEED TRAP! Will avoid this crooked town!!!!!!

Between Humboldt and Milan Tn.

Gibson, TennesseeSep 29, 20150 Comments

As you leave Milan Tennessee and you travel about 10 miles you will enter Gibson and it goes from a 55 mile an hour speed limit to an automatic 30 miles per hour then it drops to 25 miles an hour then goes back up to 30 miles an hour and then 2:55 and it is a known town that if you go 1 mile over the speed limit the police will pull you over and ticket you. On top of that there are cameras everywhere. I have been followed by police as I enter the town which makes me a nervous wreck trying to drive 30 miles per hour and not run over the lines on the road because I’m so nervous. He has followed me time and time and time again through the city of Gibson and as soon as you go 1 mile over the speed limit the blue lights come on and it has been happening for 20 + years or more and I am sick of it as if the entire community but that is how the town makes money and it’s just about the only thing there to make money for the town.

Hwy 79

Gibson, TennesseeApr 26, 20150 Comments

I was passing through this town while traveling for work and an officer was sitting in a vacant lot. He said I was going 49 in a 35 but was willing to knock it down to 45. I was not even going that fast. He asked to see my license, insurance, and registration. He stated that my insurance expired last year but the expiration was clearly listed as Sept. 2015. I had to convince him that Sept 2015 was in the future. I think being wrong made him want to write me a ticket even more. After writing me a ticket he insisted that my car was overheating. This turned out to be a nearby bonfire which I also pointed out. Then he wanted to know where I was going and why and which route I was planning to take. Why? This was a very awkward situation and made me very uncomfortable. This is clearly a way of generating revenue for a town that is too small to support itself otherwise. If an officer says you are speeding then what recourse does one really have to say otherwise?

Hwy 79 between Milan and Gibson

Gibson, TennesseeApr 22, 20140 Comments

Hwy 79 just past the red lights as you are headed toward Humbolt. Officer said I was going 50 and, like other posters, I don’t think I was going that fast. Glad I don’t have to come here but once every 18 months and it may be wise to go home through Jackson so I don’t subject myself to their law officials. Need to avoid the city of Gibson when you have to go to other cities in that county!!!!! I will do better next time!!!

Just east of downtown on 79N @ 354

Gibson, TennesseeJan 10, 20140 Comments

Police sitting in vacant lot just over crest of hill just before speed limit becomes 55. She said I was clocked going 48 mph in a 30 mph zone. I dont believe I was anywhere near 48 as I had just left the town square. Ticket cost me $161.00! Outrageous!!! I wish I was aware of this town being such a speed trap. I will never step foot in this backwoods town again! Abandon hope all ye who enter.

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