Oakland, Tennessee Speed Traps

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HWY 64 North Bound

Oakland, TennesseeSep 15, 20120 Comments

I just had to laugh. This is so typical of a small town. Construction North Bound. Officer said I was doing 57 mph in a 45 mph. Of course I’m running with traffic and when I seen him., I swear I was going 50 at tops. But it’s my word against him. I was nothing but polite and so was he. Of course he met his quota for the evening. It’s really frustrating and saddening in the same breath because I have nothing but the utmost respect for law officers. But in that same breath., I get so frustrated when these small town wanna be’s pull this type of stuff I have several small town’s back home who pull the same stuff and guess what? I avoid them like the plague and choose not to take my family or my hard earned money to places like this. I should sue the town for the officer blinding my eyes during the whole process. The ironic thing of it all., was that the 55 mph sign was right in front of my car so he was sitting right in the a little whole like a sly fox.

Subdivision off of hwy 64, near eastern boarder of oakland

Oakland, TennesseeFeb 22, 20120 Comments

Was leaving the subdivision when oakland pd sitting on hwy 64 pulled me over. Said I was traveling 36mph in the 20mph subdivision. $187 dollar ticket….. I know oakland, I live in memphis, and the place has always been a giant speed trap. Was not speeding, in fact the same police cruiser followed me into the subdivision where I was going to drop off a present for a shower. Sure as heck not speeding after that just happened. Just sighed, and took the ticket. Have had friends get tickets in oakland, better to just pay it, because the judge will not find for you, and tack on an extra $50 court costs.

Hwy64 west of hwy196 eastbd to light at hwy196

Oakland, TennesseeJul 30, 20111 Comments

Coming up to Hwy 196 is a strip mall on the left hand side called “Deer Creek Crossing” (a strip mall) where OPD sit and wait. The speed limit is 55 and the sign is almost directly in front of DCC. I was pulled over today for supposedly doing 70 in a 55. I live in the area and have for my whole life. I know that Oakland is a speed trap and therefore do not speed. I had gone from 70 in a 65 to 55-58 in the 55 zone. I have been pulled over twice on Hwy 64 in the past 2 months for “speeding”. 84 in a 65 and 70 in a 55, at two separate ends of the trap. This place is ridiculous. Even going down backroads does not lower your expectations for another Oakland City Hall lottery ticket.

Hwy 64. East and West of town

Oakland, TennesseeJul 08, 20110 Comments

The speed limit goes from 65 to 55 to 45 in about 5 telephone poles length, even if you’re in the 55 zone they’ll say you were already in the 45 zone. Advice: Slow down to 45 while you are still in the 65 mph zone. Or avoid the town altogether. This town evidently has no other source of income.

Oakland, Tn. from West to East city limits

Oakland, TennesseeMay 14, 20102 Comments

Oakland is no longer a speed trap, if it is possible to trap speeders. The new chief of police does not believe in traffic enforcement and the other crimes it solves. You seldom see a cop on Hwy 64 anymore.

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