Arlington, Texas Speed Traps

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Corner of Washington and Lincoln Dr.

Arlington, TexasJul 21, 20230 Comments

From time-to-time Arlington Police unit will sit in parking lot on southwest side of this intersection and write tickets for “failure to stop” at the 4 way stop sign. Usually at night are the times I have seen a unit there. I was stopped but got a warning ticket since officer said I was not stopped completely.

Fielder Rd Northbound over the Railroad tracks

Arlington, TexasMay 04, 20200 Comments

The cops wait in the parking lot of the apt complex and get you coming over the overpass over the railroad tracks. You have gravity working against you coming down off the overpass, likely increasing your speed some as they zap you with their radar gun. The speed limit is 40…it’s very easy to be going 50 coming off the overpass and they will ticket you for that. So be sure to slam on your brakes coming down off the overpass. I’ve been ticketed here twice and neither time was I really aware that I was speeding. Be careful.

Calender Rd between Curry Rd and Sublett Rd.

Arlington, TexasMay 10, 20180 Comments

This road used to be a narrow 2 lane road with a posted speed of 35mph. Several years ago, it was widen alone with adding bike lanes, side walks and a center lane. And the speed limit dropped to 30mph! Police now hide in many of the intersecting side roads along Calender Rd. Police presence is usually seen during high traffic times–primarily in the morning–and occasionally on Sunday mornings.

I-20 East Bound Bowen exit down to Cooper street

Arlington, TexasMay 24, 20150 Comments

The usual speed of 70 suddenly drops to 60.Police hide in darkness under overpasses or on those bridges. They will then tail you making you believe they are in a hurry and you are in their way and that they are trying to pass you. You then speed up to get over forcing you to the right. They then pop their lights on pulling you over, making rediculous claim you were tailgating or speeding.

Bridge on Park Springs looking down onto I-20

Arlington, TexasAug 14, 20141 Comments

The police will have one cop car on the bridge with his car hiding behind a sign, and he will be out of the car radaring the cars on I-20. He will then radio to other motorcycles cops (as many as 4) waiting on the access ramp to I-20 to come out and track you down. I’ve seen them catch many people this way

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