Calvert, Texas Speed Traps

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Three miles north of Calvert, (Roberson County) Texas..

Calvert, TexasJul 24, 20200 Comments

Approximately three miles north of the rural city area of Calvert, (Robertson County), Texas; On State Highway 6 North, the notorious Texas Speed Trap extends (3) to (4) miles north before entering the city limits. The City of Calvert Police Patrol will follow its alleged suspect for three miles into the town of Calvert, Texas until the City of Calvert Police Patrol Officer has determined that it is safe for him to initiate the traffic stop. Prior to initiating the traffic stop, the officer will mute his dash cam recorder and not record his pursuit until he has exited his patrol vehicle.

Into/ out of city

Calvert, TexasJun 22, 20200 Comments

Avoid this place, they will ticket you for accelerating coming out of the city and have 2 55mph signs. When going into/ out of most towns on HWY 6 you have one sign per speed and I reset cruise and they ticketed me for going 63 after the 2nd 55mph sign within sight of the 70mph sign.

North of town on Hwy 6

Calvert, TexasMay 18, 20150 Comments

Driving the speed limit on my entire trip…probably the only one…I slow down to drive thru this town (and there was a policeman on the south end of town). As I am exiting the town, there is a speed limit of 50. I see the next sign coming up, and thought it was back to 75, since by then I’m basically out of town. But no! It’s 55mph and there the policeman is, sitting right as the traffic merges back into the 4 lane split highway. I knew immediately and starting pulling over, just to stop right at the 75mph sign, which I may add that it’s maybe 100 yards away. Oh, and I had just hit my resume on my cruise, which hadn’t even gotten to the 75 yet. The mayor is joking if this isn’t a speed trap. Why don’t you get on the highway and stop those who are going 80-100! I feel like I’m getting run over going the speed limit of 75, which is way too fast!

Outside Calvert, Texas on Hwy 6 North

Calvert, TexasJan 20, 20143 Comments

First, this is a interesting comment from the police chief of Calvert, Texas. “For some, Calvert has a reputation of being a speed trap, and that’s a stigma I want to eliminate.” Of course, this is a political saying that she obviously does not live by on a daily basis due to what I witnessed earlier today and from my readings online of speed traps in Texas.
Earlier today, I was given a ticket in a speed trap. I was exiting the town of Calvert, and there was no business or home in site. Ahead, I saw a speed limit sign and I thought it was the speed limit sign letting drivers know that the 75 mph speed could resume. In reality, it was a 55 mph speed limit sign (which the speed had been, so why re-iterate). Even more interesting is that only about 30 feet (at most) from the re-iterated 55 mph speed limit sign was the one for 75 mph, letting drivers know they could resume highway speeds. Anyway, police chief was sitting in a very nice police SUV, paid for by out of town drivers, right next to the 55 mph sign. Needless to say, she pulled me over and gave me a ticket. She was not friendly in the least and did not allow me to even talk, except to demand to know if the address on the driver’s license was correct. (I am a small female, @ 100 lbs. with several young children in the back seats of my SUV, all under the age of 10; clearly a non-threatening situation ). Upon returning from her vehicle and giving me the ticket, her language giving me the ticket dared me to fight the ticket in their little town court system. This is clearly the definition of a Speed Trap.

Just outside calvert on HWY 6 in both directions

Calvert, TexasDec 31, 20120 Comments

While traveling south on highway 6 while still a considerable distance from the town the speed abruptly changed from 70mph to 55mph. immediately after passing the 55mph sign a police officer sitting in the median blacked out while it was raining kicked on his lights and pulled me over. I was ticketed for 74 in a 55. The police officer acted quite unprofessional during the stop and was very rude and hostile towards my wife and I when I asked him if I missed something indicating an upcoming speed change. I asked this question in a completely courteous manner as I was simply curious why the speed change so far from the town when there was no change in the road, landscape or any built up areas remotely near the speed change. I saw an officer in the same position on the opposite side of town clocking at the sign when exiting this little village.

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