Corinth, Texas Speed Traps

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Corinth, TX South to Hickory Creek, TX on Interstate 35

Corinth, TexasApr 28, 20100 Comments

I have seen several postings for Corinth and Hickory Creek and I’m here to tell you they are all true. I have lived in this area for 50 years and these two little burgs have always had the reputation of speed traps. Even when they only had one cop it was known as ticket alley down this stretch of I-35. Now that the two towns have grown and many people have moved into this area, it is like a shark smelling blood in the water. I live in Corinth now and I warn everyone to heed every posted trap on this site, they are all true. every day of the week they are out there. They don’t care if they are out of their jurisdiction either.

I-35 at Post Oak/Shadey Shores

Corinth, TexasMar 24, 20100 Comments

The traffic light (sometimes) cycles through for the Post Oak traffic, but not the off ramp traffic from I-35, north bound. You sit and wait for a green light that never comes. I have encountered this several times on early mornings. Coincidentally, a patrol car is near by. Also, this traffic light has a very short yellow light time. I have timed it at 3 seconds.

State School Road from I-35

Corinth, TexasMar 24, 20100 Comments

When traveling south-west from I-35 along State School Rd., Denton police patrol this 30mph strictly. When going around the corner it’s Corinth that patrols this 30mph area. They will hide in a parking lot of a day care center just past the corner at the bottom of the hill. Or, just further along in a subdivision accross the next intersection of Robinson Ln. Note: Last year I found out that Corinth processed over 98 citations in a single day!

Anywhere on Cliff Oaks Drive near T.C.O.C

Corinth, TexasMar 18, 20101 Comments

an officer of the Corinth police routinely sits near the entrance to The Church of Corinth on Sunday mornings before the early service and hands out tickets like crazy..the usual suspect is late to church and barely traveling,if possible above the posted limit.The city is preying on local christian citizens,while we have major problems with young people running stop signs and speeding through our neighborhoods and the city will not respond after we have requested them to watch and protect our small children.this smacks of pure revenue generation and not protection!

Interstate 35E Service Road near Shady Shores Road / Post Oak Road Road

Corinth, TexasFeb 21, 20080 Comments

Corinth PD parks in the Bill Utter Ford Parking Lot, has a dummy car that sits there when they are not present. They are positioned perfectly to catch you speeding from the off ramp. Will also nail you for running the stop light at the intersection of the service road and Shady Shore/Post Oak road.

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