Corinth, Texas Speed Traps

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Lake Sharon Drive

Corinth, TexasJan 04, 20140 Comments

The roadway is 35 MPH it has many hills and is a direct route across the City of Corinth. Officers will wait in the median in full view while people fly by without ever slowing down to the posted seed limit.

Beware you will get a ticket if you choose to speed in this area.

FM 2499 south of Swisher Rd

Corinth, TexasOct 02, 20130 Comments

The officers park in the turn around at he top of hill (traveling southbound) they are always there. I have seen them at all hours of the day. I was stopped at 530 am. I was traveling 6 mph over the posted limit, yes I received a ticket.

I-35 towards Denton

Corinth, TexasOct 17, 20120 Comments

Driving towards Denton heading into Corinth make sure to slow down. Once you see the K for the gas station make sure you are driving 60. Its all down hill after that which gives the cop who sits at the next exit ramp shooting lazer a lot of chances to get you. Even with a radar detector you are outa luck.

Corinth Parkway NB at Dobbs Road

Corinth, TexasFeb 16, 20120 Comments

Where Corinth Parkway begins at Quail Run, as you come around the bend and approach the railroad crossing the speed limit changes from 35 to 30 AFTER the railroad crossing (going northbound). Cop sits 1/4 mile up Corinth Parkway facing south towards railroad crossing, hitting you right before the speed limit change from 35 to 30, but cites you as if you are in the 30.

Robison Road Between Post Oak and State School

Corinth, TexasFeb 19, 20110 Comments

Robison Road Between Post Oak and State School but really anywhere in Corinth. My home office has a view of Robinson Road and I see the donut eaters wrting tickets almost every day. Its too bad this podunk town (I come from L.A.) is so budget strapped that they get mostly all their revenue from tickets. It is ridiculous they even have a police force for this tiny town when it should just be policed by Denton. WHEREVER you are in Corinth, drive sloooow!

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