Corrigan, Texas Speed Traps

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Entering the town from either end

Corrigan, TexasSep 24, 20180 Comments

I entered the town along hwy 59 heading north. As others have described, the speed limit reduces from 70 to 60, and then to 55. These two reductions occur within two-tenths of a mile from each other, and then the patrolman was sitting less than two-tenths of a mile from the second sign. No time is given to slow down. If you are entering the town you had better slow down well in advance of these signs, or jam on your brakes as soon as you see them.

ALSO, check your ticket thoroughly. The officer originally told me that he stopped me for doing 68 in the 55 zone, but then when he tried to get me to sign the ticket I wanted to read it. He kept pushing me to just sign it, explaining that it’s not an admission of guilt. I get that, but I don’t sign anything without reading it, so I told him I would sign it after I had read it. I’m glad that I did because he had written it for 72 instead of 68, which increases the fine by $60. I challenged this and refused to sign it with 72 on there, reminding the officer that he had told me 68. My wife also chimed in and insisted that he had said 68. I also indicated that he was wearing a body cam, so he knew he was caught in his lie and changed the speed back to 68 after “re-checking his radar.”

This town has a population of around 1800 to 1900 people, and on this day I saw four different patrol cars, two of which were writing speeding tickets, and one of which was clocking traffic on the far end of town as I left. This town is a disgrace to government and law enforcement.

On US 59 in city limits of Corrigan, Tx

Corrigan, TexasApr 03, 20170 Comments

The speed limit is reduced to 55 mph on 59 which is a four lane road and the police car sits on inside lane facing south and can not be seen until you are at top of hill. The limit goes back up to 75 mph, and as you feel you can safely speed up the y get you on radar at 10 mph over limit so they can charge $180. It is not promoting safety just a way to make money. Warning tickets are not even considered nor was I allowed to take defensive driving as I have ILLinois license.
hey will dismiss the ticket if you pay an extra $50 and don’t get another ticket their city in next 30 days.

US 59

Corrigan, TexasOct 04, 20160 Comments

This town has nine speed limit changes over four miles of highway. When school zone limits are in effect, there are eleven speed limit changes. Two traffic enforcement vehicles were on duty both times that I came through. For a population of 1,551, it appears that speeding tickets are a major source of revenue for the town.

South of 2nd street to city limits

Corrigan, TexasApr 27, 20160 Comments

More than a speed trap, this town writes fictitious tickets for not stopping for a non-existent bus. There are 4 “Official” stops between 3:00PM and 3:30PM according to CCISD along that route, 3 you must stop for, 1 pulls into an apartment complex, you don’t have to stop for that bus stop. The other 3 stops you would have to stop if they had students that day. The 3 stops are rarely made but are random. An officer will follow you through the school zone area in the 500 block and then pull you over in the 200 block. The 100 block will be where you can safely pull off the road. The officer will ask you if you know you are suppose to stop for a bus if there is a turn lane. He will never tell you there was a bus you had to stop for. They charge you 1125 dollars. It beats writing 10 speeding tickets for 75 dollars a piece. A town of about 1500 with 3.5 million in fines each year.

just entering Corrigan city limits goes form 70 to 55

Corrigan, TexasApr 23, 20160 Comments

I had several vehicle’s around me when pulled over. Took truck off of cruise control from 70 to 55 but I guess I should have hit the brakes to slow down , the speed changes so fast. Officer said I was getting a citation for speeding and then 5minutes latter he was going to give me another for a illegal change of lane. When I showed him my insurance he said it was expired and was going to give me another ticket I had to corrected him that the insurance was still good for another month. This town is the worst ever.

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