Giddings, Texas Speed Traps

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US 290 West, Mile post 639

Giddings, TexasApr 11, 20130 Comments

Extended 55 mph section that locals ignore heading to Austin – beware if you have out of state tags – In a train of three cars headed west, the locals ahead were allowed to move on while I got a ticket for 68 mph parked under the 70 mph sign. Speed trap – Probably. At best this is a racket with no real pricing options but to pay. I’ll be taking a different route to Austin from now on.

highway 290

Giddings, TexasMay 13, 20110 Comments

The Giddings Police Department is engaging in illegal profiteering via a blatant speed trap and illegal fees to ensure that nobody can afford to fight a ticket when the speed drops from 70 to 55 entering Giddings from the east. If there was any oversight, these criminals would be convicted. This town is a prime example of the type of people attracted to positions of power. corruption is a way of life in Giddings. Steer clear!

Hwy 77 entering Lee County

Giddings, TexasSep 20, 20101 Comments

Before Lee County Hwy 77 is a two lane Hwy with posted daytime speed limts of 70. On entering Lee County the Hwy turns into a four lane HWY, logic would be that the speed limit would not change, but not here a single small speed limit sign of 65is posted about a quarter of mile after entering the four lanes and Lee County.
On both ends of of Hwy 77 going into Lee County the signs are obscured by low hanging tree branches, tall grass, and/or constructed an unsual distance from the roadway.
There are no other 65 posted signs until after the first cities along the hwy. There is a no tolerance policy for any speeding. Tickets are issued for as low as 3 miles over the speed limit. Also, the county has a policy of a couple of hundred dollars court charge for anyone that desires to dispute the ticket in court.
In addition on entering Giddings traveling North the posted speed limit goes to 55, 45, 35 in less than a mile. One must brake to avoid speeding. Traveling out of Giddings it is a rather long period of time and road before the road changes up to 55 and back to 65. The posting of signs are not much better when approaching Lexington.

US Highway 77 near US Highway 290

Giddings, TexasDec 13, 20061 Comments

Police station and Sheriff’s Department both sit on the Northbound side of US 77. Comming into town on either 77 or 290 from either direction, area is constantly watched by City and Sheriff and sometime State Trooper.

US Highway 290

Giddings, TexasNov 21, 20062 Comments

(Giddings TX.)coming into Gidding either from Austin or Houston the speed limit drops very quick for a four lane HWY. By this time it’s to late, the Police sit near the lower speed limit sign and get you. They also do vehichle profiling. If you have low profile tires, they asume you are a drug dealer or something and will stop you using the excuse you were speeding. My wife, daughter, and poodle were all searched and released without a ticket. Giddings is becoming one of the worst towns to pass through. I take interstate 10 now to Austin due to the corrupt Police Dept. in Giddings TX. Berton TX on HWY 290 just outside of Brenem is all so a speed trap. Be careful going to Austin taking HWY 290 period.

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