Memphis, Texas Speed Traps

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5-6 miles south of downtown Memphis

Memphis, TexasJun 18, 20200 Comments

89-75 zone
Would not show radar gun speed reading. $334 for deferred adjudication or $146 if I take driver safety course. Sheriff’s department and another one at other end of town.
Went to JP’s office in City Hall and gave them cash. They were processing numerous other citations that MONDAY afternoon. I have Escort 360xi with Lazer capability. 82-85 maybe, 89 phooey. SPEED TRAP!

287 Northbound, just south of Memphis, TX

Memphis, TexasAug 05, 20110 Comments

(Aside: We were out of state (Michigan) )

While driving in a 70MPH zone, I was doing 75 with *cruise control*. We get pulled over and the officer tells me I was doing 79. Thinking that was nuts, I asked if I could see the radar gun. He says “no.” I ask if I can get a print out from the radar gun. Again, “no.”

“Well gee, officer, is there anything you /can/ give me documenting my speed as you observed it?”


He wouldn’t even tell me how much the ticket would be, only that I would have to call the judge. When I called a week later, some lady informs me that the total would be around $140. I told her fine. She then interrupts me and says, “Now sir, for only $40 dollars more we can keep this off your record forever.” I thought, what is this, “Let’s Make a Deal?!” Still, what’s $40 bucks to make this thing disappear. I told her I would pay the extra fee.

When I asked how I can go about paying, she told me the only form of payment accepted was a MONEY ORDER MADE OUT IN THE JUDGE’S NAME. Not the clerk of courts, not the division of traffic safety, etc. No, I cut a money order out to some crook judge, who’s name I won’t list here, (judge’s initials deleted).

in town

Memphis, TexasMar 26, 20110 Comments

Posted speeds are 70 on US 287 and dropping to 60 to 50 to 40 as you approach town. At the very block the posted speed is 40 they get you for doing 50.

1 1/2 miles south of town on texas 287

Memphis, TexasFeb 19, 20110 Comments

Just on the outskirts of town the speed limit is posted at 70. There is an old dilapidated barn about a mile and a half from town on hwy 287, there is a reduced speed ahead sign behind a tree that i didn’t see. I was pulled over in my rental car, forced to follow the officer back to town where i was forced to buy a money order for 205 dollars and hand it over or i could wait in jail to see the judge because i have an out of state drivers license. I was on my way to visit my son at fort sill OK. before he got shipped out or i would have takin the thief up on that. He then made me sign a form stating i was guilty. (sign here or go to jail) Took the blank money order and started questioning me as to why i had 205 dollars cash in my wallet…Unbelievable.

MP 214 (Southbound) Highway 287

Memphis, TexasOct 25, 20100 Comments

Not a typical police car–blue or black and no light bar on top.

Same 70 daylight/65 nighttime BS. I was going 78 at 8:45PM in October. Got busted for 13mph over. The "officer" was wearing a polo shirt and khakis…until I came to this site I half-wondered if he was a rapist posing as a cop and decided to give me a "ticket" when he saw I wasn’t alone…He said nothing except that I was speeding and asked for my license. I don’t know if he didn’t ask for my insurance because I was driving a rental or what…

But clearly, there was no getting out of a ticket. This is a money-maker, plain and simple. We were driving from Denver to Houston, so Memphis is too far to drive to contest this.

I have had speeding tickets before, but this one takes the cake $176 for 13mph over–and it wasn’t a "work zone." I have never paid that much for speeding in my life! Also, my court date was 2 weeks from my citation. I have never been expected to appear in court that quickly before–usually they give you a month-to-90 days. But, I live in Harris county where there are way more people, so maybe that’s why. Anyway, I didn’t look at the date because I figured I had another two weeks or so, and my court date is tomorrow. There are no online formats for paying, either. My guess is I will be fined again, either a late fee or a postponement fee…

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